Dutch Sheets Oct 28th 2003

Ah, it's revelation time. It is revelation time. Don't you reject this. It's comin', and it is even now here. Amen. And it will change everything. Believe me, when this Spirit of revelation comes forth, IT will change everything. I'm talkin' about everything! It'll even flow into government. Some of these stupid laws and things that are so nonsensical that are anti-God, anti-common sense, and anti-what this country is supposed to be all about… When the veil begins to lift and the Spirit of revelation comes, these things [will] just start changing. People [will] start looking through clear glasses. Instead of [looking] through haze and fog, [they will] see things clearly. They'll just wake up and come to their senses --- literally. And so, everything begins to change when revelation starts to flow. Now, I have an interesting assignment today. So we will speak a little bit and then move back into prayer, [asking] the LORD to stir up that prophetic mantle, and see where HE wants to take this.

But Chuck, as he often does, said to me, “God's speakin' to me about Jericho and about Ruth, so if you got anything on that, use it.” And so, when this happens, I go to the LORD and say, “What do YOU want? What are YOU saying about this?” [And now, we need to be asking the LORD,] “What are YOU saying about Jericho to Iowa ? And what are YOU saying about Ruth?” All morning, I [have] been thinking about this and praying about it. And all through [Chuck's] message, [I was] sort of listening with one ear and writing with the other.

And so I'm gonna give you what I have, which [is] often [in]complete. But sometimes, when we do this, it gives the LORD a place [from which] to launch us into further prophetic insight. So again, I'm gonna ask the LORD to stir up that prophetic mantle, in Chuck and any of the other leaders here [who] might [receive] something. And we'll just see where the LORD wants to take us with this.

LORD, help us now to hear YOUR heart for this state and these people. LORD, we are moving forward. We're not gonna back up. We're gonna move into new [territory]. We are shifting things in the Spirit. And we are going to see [an] open heaven over this state. We're going to see the fullness of [an] open heaven and all that [this] means. We're going to change the atmosphere [over] Iowa . This is [based on] faith, but it's also [based on] a Word from YOU, [LORD]. [Therefore,] we are laying hold of it, and we are going to see things change, [because of it]. Now help us today, LORD, as we speak about this, to say what needs to be said and move away from anything that is not from YOU. [Father,] help us to think with the mind of Christ and hear the [spoken] Word of the LORD. Thank YOU, LORD, for awakening [the] sleeping ones and replacing sleep with revelation. Thank YOU for doing it here as a first fruits for what is coming to the nation, because much of America is a sleep. LORD, let this be a true awakening. In fact, let a great awakening come to Iowa [and] to this [entire] nation. [Let it be] a great awakening… [Therefore, by faith,] we say [that] a great awakening is coming. Thank YOU, LORD. And what a great place… to let it begin here… Amen.

Well, I'm gonna spring into this teaching, start[ing] with Jericho and what it [illustrates]. And the way [that] I'm gonna get to Ruth is [to] show you the connection that the LORD gave me this morning, between Jericho and Ruth. I've never seen a connection [between them before and maybe you haven't either]. But [Chuck] said [to me], “I'm hearing Jericho .” And then he said, “I'm also hearing Ruth.” So I believe the LORD gave me a connection, and we'll get to that point in a few minutes.

Jericho ; we all know the story, so I don't need to read it. It was the first fruits of the [Promised] Land. It was the first place that Joshua led the Israelites into conquest in the Land of Promise . So the very essence of Jericho is all about new beginnings. And so, to lay a foundation, I have about six points, but this is not the first one.

[This is just a side note:] Jericho is all about transitioning into the new. And so, if God is saying, “ Jericho ,” and [you need to] think “ Jericho ” when you think [about] Iowa right now, then HE is definitely saying, “New…” HE is saying, “Transition into the new.” HE's saying, “There is a shift that [will be] taking place, and the wandering [will be] ending… The wilderness thing is ending, and it's time [for you] to move into [your] inheritance.” And I think you can sense that. Jericho is all about new beginnings.

#1) The first thing I want to say about [ Jericho ] is that it was a city of first fruits. Now I said new beginnings, but I'm gonna connect it to first fruits a little differently. One of the interesting things about Jericho is that, [out] of all the places that they conquered, they were able to take of the spoils [throughout all the land of] Canaan , except Jericho . The spoils of that city were to go to the LORD. HE said, “You don't get the riches and the wealth of Jericho . You have to give that to ME.” And in fact, it goes into the storehouse.

The word, treasury, is used [here]. HE said to Joshua, “Tell them to take all the spoils and put [them] into the treasury.” [It's] the same word as [when] Malachi [was] bringing the tithe into the storehouse. This was, if you will, the tithe of the Land. The first fruits [or tithe] belongs to the LORD. “It's holy unto ME.” And that's why we bring the tithe [to the LORD], because it's the first fruits. And it's covenantal. And the LORD said, “The spoils of this place are set apart unto ME.” Jericho is all about first fruits.

I see something here that I think God is trying to say to you in this state, and I'm gonna let you pray this through [in order to] get the fullness of it. Or maybe we're already getting it to a degree, but there's something here that is a first fruits of what HE wants to do in the nation. HE's unlocking some things here. [And Chuck] talked about a Spirit of revelation [here in this state] that would touch the nation and the nations. That's very profound to me.

When I [think] about places that are gonna touch the nation, I start thinking about these hubs where there are millions of people --- these epicenters like New York , Chicago , or Dallas ; you know. I don't think about the cornfields of Iowa . And I don't mean that in a negative sense or [to] belittle [anyone]. We just don't think that way, because there aren't as many of you [in this area]. [ Iowa ] is just kinda spread out and wide open. But God has HIS interesting way of doing things. And HE says, “Right out of Iowa , I'M going to bring forth revelation.”

Maybe it's because you're less tainted by so much other stuff. I don't know. I don't understand why. I just know [that] God's saying, “There's something happening here that is a new beginning. It's a first fruits of what I'M gonna do elsewhere.” And so that connects you to the whole, but then [it] also gives you a very important sense of responsibility, that what HE's saying is not just about you. It's about what HE wants to do for the rest of us too. So we're saying, “Come on Iowa , get with it, because we need you.” Some how, God wants to connect it to all of us [through Iowa ].

A first fruits thing… We know for sure that a part of [any] “first fruits” is revelation, and it's holy unto the LORD. So I want to say that if we want to translate this literally here, if HE's comparing you to Jericho , [then] there [must be] some sense [that] HE's setting apart this state unto HIMSELF.

You should call yourselves, “the Harem.” We are set apart. We are the Bride. We are going to become the Bride of Christ in a special way, not in an elitist sort of [way], but an intimate [way]. You're going to be the first fruits, or part of that first fruits, of what HE's doing. There are probably other places where this happens, but there are some things that are gonna be here.

#2) Now, why was [ Jericho ] called a “first fruits city”? Why was it set apart unto the LORD? And why did HE say [that] the first fruits of the Land, the tithe, [ie:] Jericho , belongs to ME? It's all about covenant --- fulfilling the covenant promise to Abraham. And this is the beginning, [the first fruits,] of fulfillment of the covenant that HE made.

HE said, “I promised [to give] this man [and his descendants after him] this Land, and I'M [honoring that promise by] giving it to him. So it was all about covenant. But I want you to see [that], in a special way, [ Jericho ] became a covenantal city. And so it's not that God kept it, and transferred it over to become a place where they lived in covenant with the LORD, but I'm gonna show you that it was a covenantal city in the sense that it represented the covenant of the LORD that HE [made] with Abraham and with the Land, not just the people.

Now I know that [ Jericho ] was destroyed, and I'm gonna get to that [in a moment].

When they crossed the Jordan , and the waters were rolled back, then some verses say that the waters of the Jordan were rolled back, but other verses say the water was cut off. And that phrase is used [in it's literal sense] twice, and it's the [same] word [as used] for circumcision. Anyway, when HE rolled that back, HE was saying, “I Am setting apart this Land unto MYSELF, and I'M giving to you.

#3 It's all about covenant, [with] circumcision being the sign and seal of [the] covenant. HE's saying [that] not only are you right there at the Jordan, [but] HE had the men [circumcised], [who] hadn't operated in this covenantal right all through that time of wandering through the wilderness. So right there, at the Jordan , they circumcised [these] men, and God circumcised the Land.

Then HE says, “The people are set apart.” The word is holy. “They're holy unto ME.” And [God] says to Joshua, “Take off your shoes, because the Land is holy unto ME also.” So the people were set apart as a covenantal people, set apart unto God, and the Land was covenantally set apart [unto] HIM and circumcised. And the Land became holy [as] the people became holy.

I'm tellin' ya, it's not just about us; it is [also] about the Land. It's about the soil; it's about the earth. It's about blessing coming out of the earth. That's why Chuck was saying, “When abundance in the earth begins to come forth again, it's a sign of something that's happening in the spirit realm.” But don't confuse that. It's like the rain's being held back, and curses that come to the Land [are often signs] of God's judgment on a nation. [On the other hand, the] abundance that comes is a sign of God's covenantal blessing on the Land, which is also coming to us.

Now, this place was all about covenant. That's one of the reasons why Jericho , more than any other [place] in the Bible, was associated with the number seven. I'll just summarize it for you and talk about the instruction that was given to Joshua on how they were to take this city. [God] says, “You're gonna march around the city [for] seven days. You're gonna do it once a day for the first six. And on the seventh day, you're gonna do it seven times.” So the seventh time around was, of course, the first time on the seventh day. So the seventh time around on the seventh day began a new series of sevens, because it is seven times on the seventh day. And then HE said, “I want seven priests [to carry] seven trumpets.”

#4 [These trumpets] were rams horn “Jubilee trumpets,” [and] Jubilee [or forty-nine years] is seven times seven years. So we got all these sevens here. We got seven days, seven times, seventh time, [and] another series of sevens --- seven priests, seven horns, which are seven times seven horns. Now, what is HE trying to say to us? Well, among other things, seven was a covenantal number.

And I've not fully understood all of this, but the explanations that I've heard are that in a covenantal ceremony, they would take an oath, both parties would swear, and take an oath to honor the terms of the covenant forever. And there were blessings and curses associated with the covenant. There were blessings in keeping the covenant, and there were curses if you did not keep the covenant. And so, they would make a covenant sacred and inaugurate it through seven oaths, seven sacrifices, or seven witnesses. And sometimes, [they might have included] all of the above. The covenantal oath was actually called “to seven oneself.”

You can read about this in Genesis, [chapter] twenty-six, when Isaac was re-digging his father's wells. And [when] he [had] re-dug the last well, he and Abimelech entered into a covenant together, [exchanging] oaths. The literal translation there is to “seven oneself.” They sevened themselves and even called it the “Well of Oaths.” Beersheba , shabah, [or] shebah is the word [for] oath or seven. And so, it was the Well of Sevens or the Well of Oaths; Beersheba .

Jericho , being all about covenant, is all about this sovereign statement by God, where HE and HIS people are swearing allegiance to One another. HE said, “Just in the same way that offerings are given when you enter into covenant --- you give ME this and I'll give you that --- HE's saying, “Jericho belongs to ME. It's a covenantal offering that you're giving to me.” Don't miss this! [God says,] “The first fruits belong to ME!”

This is why they were so sacred and Achan had to be killed when he stole some of the tithe or spoils of the Land, because he was stealing a part of the covenantal oath and the covenantal thing that was given to God. He was literally breaking covenant. He had to be destroyed, so that there would be [an] atonement for the whole group [and] the whole [nation] would not come [under the] curse. [Since] they would [otherwise, be identified] with the sin of this [one] man, [God had] to say, “Put this covenant-breaker out of your midst!”

Now, I really want to bring out of this [next] point. Because, if God is comparing this state to Jericho, [then] one of the things [that] HE [is] saying [to us] is that HE wants to begin bringing forth covenantal blessings from this state.

Even though HE destroyed Jericho , HE pulled out the good. HE said, “I'M gonna destroy that which is evil.” And there was even a curse associated with anybody who rebuilt the city, because [HE decreed], “It stays MINE forever. It's never to be owned by another person. It's MINE forever, and there's a curse [on the land for] anyone who [would rebuild] it.” And what HE did was [to] destroy the evil, but HE pulled out of it [that which was] good.

So there were two things at Jericho in this sense. There was the destruction of evil, but [also] the redemption of all that was good. Now, don't miss that! See, a lot of people just associate Jericho with destruction. And what they don't understand was that it was a two-fold thing. There was judgment of evil, but there was [also the] bringing forth of all that was pure and holy [to be set] apart unto God.

[Now, in all this,] what is God saying to Iowa ? HE's saying, “I'M going to cleanse [you]. I'M going to purge out [the] evil [from your midst]. I'M going to bring judgment to all that opposes ME; all of the idolatry, all of the carnality, all of the evil --- not people --- HE's not after people! HE's after demonic strongholds! HE's after the works of darkness! And HE's gonna say, “I'M gonna destroy it, I'M gonna bury it, and I'M gonna pull out that which is holy unto ME and raise up, as a covenantal offering unto ME, the holy and pure people of Iowa! I'M gonna set them apart unto ME and make them the first fruits, holy unto ME, blessed, MY treasure, MY harem!”

HE [hasn't] said that to any other state, by the way. I've not said that anywhere else we've been. Don't get the idea [that] we get this hot, fresh, wild teaching and then just go sprinkle it everywhere. This is special! This is very special! This very word should be treated as holy!

HE said, “I'M taking back MY earth!” Iowa … “And I'M going to arouse, from here, the sleep. Revelation is gonna flow out of Iowa that awakens people in the nation and the nations of the earth. It's MY covenantal heartland.”

Is this a part of what they call the “Heartland”? Some of this stuff's a lot more prophetic than we know. You're the heart. Well, then that would make a whole lotta sense, wouldn't it?

Now, let me move on, because we're gonna do our best to connect all of this.

Jericho pictured jubilee, the Year of Jubilee, [or] the principle of Jubilee. What was Jubilee? Well, you can read about it in Leviticus twenty-five. Jubilee was that wonderful seven times seven years --- forty-nine --- and then the fiftieth year was when everything was restored. Because God said, “I've given this land to Judah , this land to Ephraim, and so [on].

So, if you had to sell your land, because you fell on hard times, [then] when that fiftieth year came around, [all that had been sold to other Israelites] came back to that clan. So then they'd factor in [how many years were left until the Year of] Jubilee [in order to figure out what price the land was worth].

If they had to sell themselves into slavery in exchange for [paying off their] debt, at Jubilee that was over. [The debt was cancelled.] Everyone was free [again]. All the land [returned to the household from which it had been sold]. [And] of course, it all pictured redemption.

That's why Jesus came. When HE said (in Luke, chapter four, verse eighteen), “The Spirit of the LORD is upon ME”, HE was announcing Jubilee. And they associated it with Jubilee when He said to “bring release to the captive,” to let the oppressed go free… to bring Good News to the poor.

Forget the word, gospel. That's a religious term we use now [days] that they didn't apply [back then]. The Good News to the poor [meant that] it's Jubilee; you're free now. The debts are all cancelled. Can you imagine?!! It's incredible!

And so they said that, at Jubilee, you [shall] go and proclaim liberty throughout the land to all inhabitants thereof. And it all pictures, of course, Christ who became our Jubilee and let us go free.

Now, this is what Jericho is all about. HE's saying, “Blow the Jubilee horn. That's how you're gonna take it.” And so, they blew the rams horn, not the silver trumpet, but the seven times seven horn. Jubilee has a prophetic picture. Now, don't miss this.

HE reaches into the city and takes a harlot by the name of Rahab. And she's going to befriend Israel and help them out. And HE's going to pull her and her father's household out. God's gonna pull them out and redeem them as a picture.

And then HE does something amazing; HE slams her into the Messianic line. HE literally reaches into Jericho and pulls out [The] Jubilee HIMSELF. Don't miss that! HE reached into this first fruits city, [a] covenant city, and literally pulled out MR. JUBILEE HIMSELF through this woman's lineage. Nobody understood it; I'm sure. So, Christ, our JUBILEE, it's fair to say [that], though HE came out of various [other] cities, [and was] born in Bethlehem , [the Bible says that] HE came out of Jericho .

What's HE saying to you, Iowa ? You better think about this one. Jubilee --- the Christ --- liberty --- freedom --- restoration --- [the] oppressed goin' free --- [the] broken-hearted --- healed --- restoration of the Land --- curses broken --- bridal intimacy --- separation unto HIM --- harem --- Iowa…

I think, by calling this place “Jubilee”, HE was saying, “This city of sevens, you are giving to ME, is all about covenant and seven-ing yourselves, one to another. So you're gonna give ME the spoils, but I'M gonna give you Jubilee and all the [rest of the] Land. You have sevened yourself to ME. You entered into an oath when you gave ME the inheritance, the spoils, that which was [already] MINE; you sevened yourself with an oath and gave ME the offering.”

And now HE's saying, “I'M gonna seven MYSELF to you, and I'M promising you Jubilee. I'M promising you to give you this Land [ Israel ]. I'M promising you that I'M freeing you once and for all from your slavery and oppression. And I'M going to give you this Land [of Israel ] once and for all; it belongs to you. And so, for thousands of years, HE's been honoring that Covenant, and HE just insists on honoring this Abrahamic Covenant even to this very day.

You see, we swear a covenantal oath to HIM, but HE does to us as well. That's why HE said, when HE could swear to no [ONE greater than HIMSELF], “I swear by MYSELF to honor the Covenant. I swear by MY Godness…” Jesus sits there today as the surety that God will always honor our Covenant.

Chuck Pierce begins to speak

Before we move to Ruth and make the connection, I think that it's very important we see this. I just heard the LORD say, “It's Jericho where you're going.” I don't know any of what that means. I just go with the LORD. You know? HE's pretty sure.

But we had this note just brought to us. [I learned that] Des Moines is in Polk County , [and the] counties [in Iowa ] were given numbers before they were given names. And Polk County is number seven-seven in this state. You know, only Dutch could present [a message like this] with seven and seven. Now, this has great significance. Before we leave here, we've got to dedicate Des Moines for the LORD to take it over in this nation. We don't know how HE'll take it over, but HE will take it over!

Dutch Sheets Resumes...

“LORD, I don't even know how YOU could do this --- to put this stuff together. I know that YOU can do anything.”

You're working through people who don't even know what they're doin', which is probably why HE can do it. If we tried to figure this out, we'd probably mess it all up. But we come in here ignorantly and just trust the Word here and a Word [there], and, all of a sudden, HE's woven this tapestry of revelation that becomes this amazing, holy work of God. Only HE can do that.

Now, in keeping with this Jubilee thing, in this type of Christ, what a lot of people don't think about --- they just don't realize --- [that] Boaz was born from Rahab. Rahab [a prostitute from Jericho ] was taken by a man in Israel , married into the Abrahamic line --- the Covenantal family --- she married Salmon. [Then] Salmon and Rahab had Boaz.

So, here we go again. HE's pulling [out] the redeemer kinsman, [the one] who would buy back the Land or take one who was widowed and marry her, [in order to] bring forth offspring. The whole picture of the redeemer kinsman, which was a picture of Christ, came out of Rahab, in Jericho.

#5) So now, we're [up] to Ruth! ‘Cause the book of Ruth was borne out of Jericho ! So I” say to the LORD, “Alright, help me with this prophet who's given me this assignment, Jericho and Ruth; what's the connection?” I never thought about it before, so I started studyin'. EARLY, this morning, I started studyin'!... NOT sleeping in! And it finally hits, and I go, “DUH!... Boaz from Rahab!...” So the whole story of Ruth, then, springs out of Jericho.

And now we're to this thing that he kept saying, “I see the bread thing.” Now, [speaking to Chuck Pierce,] you may have to come up and tell me what you were seeing. But he kept saying, the four corners, and like Ruth gleaned from the corners of the field, something happening in the four corners of Iowa , moving to the center. And then he starts prophesying about feeding the nation, the bread of heaven, the revelation, and I'm sayin', “Alright, LORD, put this together for me.”

And I start realizin' out from Jericho comes Rahab and Salmon, then Boaz, Boaz marries Ruth [and] brings her into the Promise, and what does she do? The whole story is about her gleaning from the fields of Boaz, who feeds her. And I read the whole book of Ruth, and it's just an incredible picture of the redemptive blessing of God, and all the bread that's associated with it, of course.

It was through what happened with Rahab, then Boaz coming forth, taking Ruth, and marrying [her] that the Bread of Heaven came. They were part of the Messianic line. You can read all about that, of course, in Matthew, chapter one. Jesus [gained] HIS lineage through these people, because Rahab was the great, great-grandmother of [King] David. And then, Boaz and Ruth were the great-grandparents of David. And this whole story took place in Bethlehem , [the] House of Bread, which fed the Bread of Life to the earth.

Now, you might think [that] all this is coincidence, but I'm not that naïve. That's like believin' evolution.

And some how, I believe God's gonna give us more insight through the prophetic anointing before we get finished here. But there's something that HE's saying to this state about Jericho . And that which is being pictured in the book of Ruth is being pictured in this state. You're gleaners, and HE does things in the supernatural to picture something spiritual. HE's saying, “You are gleaners. You are going to bring forth from the earth in the same way as Ruth and Boaz. It wasn't just about feeding bread to people, it's about picturing something else. It's all about the Bread of Heaven. [God is saying,] “I'm trying to paint a picture in this book that I'M bringing forth the Bread of Life, from the field of Boaz, in Bethlehem .” And HE's saying, “From Iowa, I want to feed the nations of the earth, and not just physical food, but the Bread of Heaven! I want you to glean, from the four corners --- and then the center --- of this state, the wealth of Heaven! And I want you to export it to the nations, so I can awaken a people! So I can bring forth MY Covenant! So I can bring Jubilee into the Land and let the oppressed go free --- to set at liberty the broken and the bruised. I want to restore! I want to let the captives go free! I want somebody to run throughout the land and say, ‘FREEDOM! LIBERTY !'” Ring the bell of freedom.

You know what? I think Jericho , the most fortified city, becomes a place of provision. HE's saying, “Out of the greatest of your enemies, I'M gonna bring your Provision. Out of your greatest enemies, I'M gonna bring forth something of Christ. I'll transform everything [your enemy] tries to oppress you, destroy you, and keep you from [receiving] your inheritance. I'll show you MY Seed in it. And I'll show you how I want to redeem it and bring forth the riches of your inheritance.”

In Ruth… (chapter twelve and verse two), Boaz says to her, “May the LORD reward your work. May your wages be full from the LORD, the God of Israel, under whose wings you've come to seek refuge.” Man, what a great verse. “May your wages be full.”

Jehovah Shalom… wholeness… May your wages be full, Iowa! May your labor come to fullness. May you know the God our Peace, the God who brings fullness. Did you know shalom, the word for wholeness [and] peace, is actually the word for the full recompense of labor? May you be rewarded fully by the Faithful God, who always gives a just reward! Man, that's good, isn't it? May HE not forget the fruit of your labors. May fullness come to you. May you receive the fullness of what the LORD your God, Jehovah Shalom, wants to bring to you in this season. May you become all that HE wants you to become. May you become as the offspring of Ruth and Boaz. May you feed the world the riches of heaven. May you be a house of bread. May the four corners of the earth be blessed with the bread of heaven from Iowa .

#6) Jericho 's all about the fullness of time. Seven days, seven times on the seventh day… It just has to happen in the fullness of time. I'm not gonna say much about this one. I just know it represents that, and so, I'm saying to you, “You've come to the fullness of time.” You have come to a fullness of time. Do not miss this! There is a window of opportunity [which] HE has opened for you. Do not miss this Iowa . You have come to a fullness of time.

You must go all the way now! You must push! You have come to transition. You must spring to birth. You must! There are enough of you to do this. You do not need a majority. You just need what you have. There are plenty of you that know how to do this. Go to the four corners and worship. Go to the four corners and decree. Go to the four corners and point to the middle of this state.

God said to me, when I walked into my hotel room yesterday, “I AM about to uncover the darkness. I AM about to expose the darkness over this state, the deceit, and the sin. HE will expose these strongholds that Chuck was talkin' about when I walked in [here] this morning. [Chuck was talking about] something in these cornfields of Iowa ; there is evil there. But I'm tellin' ya, just like there are strongholds over this state --- and they're over all the states, God is going to show you how to deal with that quickly, because you are in a fullness of time. Get away from this stuff that says, “Because Satan's had this for a century or two, or a thousand years, and all these strongholds entrenched, it's gotta take years and years to deal with it. You know, when the time came, God said to Joshua, “Go in and kick ‘em out!” And don't you be thinkin' it's gonna take you a century to do it! Go get ‘em now! [In] three days, you're goin' over! Let me tell you somethin', now you're goin' to start seein' the fruit. Do you hear what I said? Now you're gonna start seein' the fruit! But this time, when you go and start makin' those declarations and those decrees, you're gonna see strongholds start crumblin'. [The] Jericho 's [in your life] are gonna fall. God said, “The spoils are mine, and I'M comin' ta get ‘em! I'M comin' to the innercities, and I'M gonna take what belongs to ME! And I'M gonna recapture what's really MINE anyway.”

[God says,] “Your sons and daughters are comin' home. The prodigals are comin' home. I'M gonna take care of everything.” And HE [will] dislodge things, ‘cause it's a fullness of time. I'm tellin' ya it is.

Expect governmental changes in Iowa ! And I mean natural government. And I don't even know enough about it to know what needs to happen, but I'm tellin' you right now, that's what I just heard in my spirit; expect governmental changes! In fact, expect some radical things that nobody [has] anticipated.

#7) Seven priests; the number seven, means completion or fullness. That's how I got the fullness of time, by the way. When I said seven days, seven times, I got the fullness of time, because number seven means fullness or completion. Eight means new beginnings. [When] you come to fullness, [in the next step] you come to a new beginning. So seven days and seven times was the fullness of time.

HE said, “Around Jericho , you'll have seven priests, carrying the seven trumpets.” What does that say? Well, here's what it says to me, “We're coming into a fullness of ministry anointing and ministry gifting.” The Levites [were] representing the priesthood.

[In] Ephesians four, [we see] the fullness of the Christ anointings… Ephesians four [is] the passage [in which] it says, “…given to you apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, [and] teachers.” And forget terminology, position, or title. That's not what apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor, [or] teacher is all about. It's not about title or position. These are the ministry anointings of Jesus.

And these are the anointings of Christ; HIS apostolic anointing, HIS prophetic anointing, HIS evangelistic… pastoral… teaching… anointing. When you have all of them, you come to the fullness of Christ. The passage even talks about it. We're moving to the fullness. Now we're moving into a stage [of] seeing the fullness of the Christ anointings through the restoration of the apostolic anointing. We're seeing the fullness of HIS five-fold grace gift anointings being released. And so, I don't want to say much about this one, but just to say that I see, at Jericho , the picture of what will happen when we come to the fullness of ministry gifting. There is completion of Jubilee, inheritance, the enemy being taken out, taking the Land, and all [of this] is connected to the restoration of the ministry anointing of Jesus [which will] be fully flowing through the Church.

What is [God] saying to Iowa about that? HE's saying, “It's the fullness of time, and it's time for you to come into [your] fullness.” It's a fullness of time, but it's time to [also] come into fullness. And as you come into fullness, you're coming into a fullness of anointing. You know, you can preach. You can minister. You can do something, and you can do it at a certain level. Then, [as you exercise the anointing given to you,] God moves you to a higher level of anointing. [Once HE has accomplished this in you, then] you [will] do the same thing, say the same thing, and pray the same thing, and it [will] bear more fruit and accomplish ten times as much. [And, all the while,] you didn't change a thing. You didn't change any of your delivery [or] pray any differently.

When God [had placed] the mantle on me for the nation and gave me the apostolic calling to this nation, I [could] go to the same place [to] pray, and [then] I [thought to myself], “Wait a minute! I have a new authority. I'm not doin' any [thing] different. I'm not different as a person. I didn't learn anything different. I just have more authority and more anointing to do [God's work].” And what I couldn't get accomplished [before], I can [now]. It has nothing to do with me. It's a fullness of the Christ anointing.

So, what HE's saying to you is, “Come up higher! Come into the fullness of the Christ anointing. Be an apostolic state! Be a prophetic state! Come fully into your prophetic anointing! Go into the heavenlies and break through! Prepare the way for others! Go to another [higher] level of the prophetic mantle [and] enter into the fullness of it. Move into the fullness of evangelism --- into the fullness of pastoring and teaching. Move into the fullness of the Christ anointing.

Stand with me. We got to pray this in. We're gonna get this four corners, Boaz House of Bread, Jubilee, Jericho thing now. We're gonna get it, aren't we? We've just thrown it out there, and now we're gonna pray it in.

LORD, we thank YOU for what YOU're saying to Iowa . We're overwhelmed with gratitude [in] what YOU're saying. We're saying now, LORD, bring them into the fullness of their reward. As Boaz said to Ruth, “May you receive the full reward of your God for your labors.” For he said to her, “All [of] the city knows your excellent spirit and how you've stood with your mother-inlaw, Naomi, and your heart of faithfulness. God has watched you, and HE saw these things,” Boaz said. “And we are all aware of it. We're aware of the announcement you made, ‘Where you go, I'll go. Where you sleep, I'll sleep. Your people [will be] my people. And your God [will be] my God. And we're aware of all that. Now, may you come into the fullness of your reward.'” And I say to Iowa , come into the fullness of your reward. Glean from the four corners all that God has for you. Go and take back the spoils that HE has promised you. Go to the four corners of the state and say, “This is now separated unto God. It is holy unto HIM. This state is part of HIS harem. It's a part of HIS first fruits offering. We swear an oath to HIM that all of Iowa belongs to HIM. It's HIS inheritance. No one else can have any of it. We've kicked all the Achans out of this state.” We say that no one will steal HIS inheritance in Iowa . No one can have HIS inheritance. Jericho belongs to HIM. Iowa belongs to HIM. The state belongs to HIM. The sevens county belongs to HIM. Des Moines belongs to HIM. It's set apart unto HIM. We seven ourselves. And we say that from out of this state will come a spirit of liberty, a spirit of freedom, a spirit of liberation, a spirit of deliverance, a spirit that goes forth to break oppression and bondage and restore inheritances --- to restore that which has been lost. And we say that this state is all about being a house of Bread for the nations of the earth. They're going to eat and drink from this place. Revelation is going to flow.