Chuck Pierce October 28th 2003

It was so interesting, what happened to me last night when Pastor Dutch was speaking, it was like the LORD caught me up into a heavenly realm. And I could look down and see the state and various things goin' on within the state. Around Des Moines , there's this big circle of darkness. So it's good to be here, with you, in Des Moines . I don't know how to say it nicely, and yet, know that you're encircled by darkness. There is an occult force that has access into these cornfields.

And so, once you've got [an] occult [presence] in your midst, you're gonna have to learn how to be supernatural people. That's just it in a nutshell. You're gonna have to know [how] you can get [to] higher [ground in the spiritual realm]. Once you've got darkness --- once you've got occult spirits in your midst, the only way you're going to tear down [the spiritual barriers] is to become greater in your revelation. I mean, think [about] Moses. [He] had to learn how to confront the occult spirits. And remember the magicians [who] could [only] go so far? They couldn't move into the same dimension that he moved in with God. So you're gonna have to learn how to use revelation mightily [just as Moses did].

And that's what we wanta talk about this morning, so let's look at Amos, chapter 3. Amos was a prophet out in the cornfields. So, just because you're out in the fields, doesn't mean that you can't have great prophetic anointing. [Therefore], I think that is why the LORD did some of what HE did by choosing who HE did, so HE could give us models that we could all grab hold of. And so, Amos was a farmer, and he probably preferred to be a farmer, but God dropped this prophetic anointing on him.

Now, Iowa , get ready; the prophetic anointing's gonna get dropped on you. It has to get dropped on ya, because there's a lot of occult spirits in your midst. And that tells me [that] you're a supernatural state and a supernatural people. You gotta become [a] supernatural people. So notice what it says here in verse 7.

Surely the LORD does nothing unless HE reveals HIS secrets to HIS servants, the prophets.

That's one of our Scriptures this year, because, this year, as Pastor Dutch said last night, is a year for mystery and secrets [to be] revealed. It's a year of surprises. That means we will have the ability to surprise the enemy this year. You need to expect to surprise your enemy. But how you [are] gonna do that is through revelation. And the word, revelation, means to uncover. It means to open up [or] lay bare --- to strip away; to expose, [or] to unveil.

Now, remember what God said last night? There's a veil over the northeast [portion of Iowa ]. God wants that veil lifted, because that means [that] there's great revelation [that] HE wants to bring into the northeast [corner of the state]. But there's a veil holding it. Something [is either] in the atmosphere or in the land, whether it be bloodshed or covenant breaking. There [are] four things to look at: bloodshed, covenant-breaking, idolatry, or immorality. [If one or more of these things] has occurred, [then it] has affected the land. And it's caused the land to be veiled. Therefore, God's purposes are not breaking forth. And, for God to show us that veil, that means HE wants us to break [through with] HIS purposes and rip the veil off.

Now, that veil, [in] some way, is linked to a darker system that is around Des Moines . So there's something originating [from] there that's linked into this city as a networking hub. And you're [probably thinking], “How in the world is he saying this?” Well, we live in the heavenlies. I don't live down here on earth… I don't… I want to walk in the earth realm, but I want to live in the heavenlies. I wanna see from the heavenlies. I wanna war from the heavenlies.

How many are aware that you have enemies? [We must be vigilant to keep watch and yet,] we are called to love our enemies. It's a great dichotomy that we have to come into. We are called to love our enemies, but we have to learn how to negate their words. Now hear me. Once the words of your enemy are spoken, you have to learn how to bring them into a neutralized fashion, so that no weapon will prosper against you. It is so important for us to understand that principle. I've looked at the Body of Christ. And we're gonna get rolled over just like the Jewish people did if we don't rise up into some understanding of God's covenant authority that HE's given us to neutralize the words of the enemy, so they will not prosper over us. The only thing that will satisfy [the] Islamic, militant, type of worship is for the blood of God's Covenant People to be shed. It's a real honor that they equate America in with Israel . But you've got to learn how to negate [their] words and go to war with ‘em. [God is revealing these things to us.]

So this revealing means that we're uncovering the truth. It means that we're bringing something out of captivity, and the only way [to do this] is by releasing the secret (or the truth) that will unlock it. That's why revelation becomes so important when you study the word, revelation. You strip away the veils. You strip away the things that hold something in captivity by releasing revelation. It says, “A lion has roared. Who will not fear? The LORD has spoken. Who can but prophesy?” The roar of the lion, or the roar of God's people opens up the heavens and allows revelation to come down.

And so, what happens is, God requires us, many times, to gather together like this, so we can release that roar. Once it's released, then the heavens open up and revelation starts coming down. But you've got to know what to do with that revelation. Now, we know that we are called, so let's look at this. Once revelation comes, we have an authority to deal with it.

Look at Psalms 19, an incredible Psalm, because it says:

The heavens declare the glory of God.

Actually, what it says here: The heavens declare the glory of God, but we see the work of HIS hands by the earth responding to the heavens. And, if you don't see the earth responding to the glory that God's declaring over in the heavens, you've got to do something to clear the atmosphere. The heavens over Iowa are declaring the glory of God over Iowa , and the firmament is showing HIS handy work. That's what Pastor Dutch was saying.

And it says:

Day unto day, utter speech.

Now, listen to this. The heavens have already opened up and started declaring over Iowa what needs to be --- day by day, declaring what needs to be declared over Iowa . But some way or another, we [need] to have people down here [who will] come into agreement with it and start echoing it back. And then you'll start seeing this manifestation of what the heavens are declaring. That's the Lord's Prayer.

And [the Scripture] says:

Night unto night, it reveals knowledge.

Now, most people leave that one out, because we would rather sleep at night than to gain knowledge. And there are certain times at night that we have access to knowledge over what the day is going to be declaring. That's why dreams will become so important this year. God said, “I [have] to communicate with MY people [since] they like to sleep too much, so I'M gonna have to give ‘em dreams. It's the only time I can get them quiet enough to listen.”

So you're gonna have to understand how the dream wisdom of God works this year. We all dream. You would have to be dead not to dream. Now, some of us don't know how to remember our dreams, some of us aren't in touch with what God is saying during the night season. So, this year, we need to get in touch with what HE's saying during the night season.

Now look what verse four [and five of Psalms 19] says:

Their line has gone out through all the earth

and their words to the end of the world.

In them HE has set a tabernacle for the sun.

Now, God has lines drawn all around the earth. HE has set boundaries in the earth realm. Iowa is part of that boundary. Now, remember last night? I was saying this, and I was prophesying out of knowledge over this.

You started out under the [Louisianna] territory, then under the Wisconsin territory, [and] then you became Iowa [when you were granted statehood]. Well, that's the same way your identity needs to progress, where you really become who you are. You'll see it in the sport arena eventually, where you see Iowa rising up and becoming stronger than Michigan and Wisconsin . And it'll be a sign to you.

Now, I'm not trying to get into sports, but it's something that we see happening in the earth realm. Remember, we live in heaven but walk in the earth, so we want to notice some things going on here. Finally, Iowa has come into its [own] boundaries. And what happens is, day by day, there is speech [being] uttered [and going] out around those lines from heaven --- covenant revelation going out around the lines.

We walk [around] on the earth like we're just living down here in this system, [but] we are seated in the heavens. So we should be hearing the revelation that is coming forth as day utters the revelation. We can [then] grab it and declare the same thing around the lines that are in Iowa . Now, when you do that, and you're in harmony with God, where there [are] two touching and agreeing, what happens? The thing [gets] done. And so that's why it's important that we understand the prophetic authority we have in the Word of God.

Now, let's look at one more verse; Job 38:12. The LORD is revealing HIMSELF to Job.

Now, we're talkin' about revelation here. And in verse twelve, it says:

Have you [ever] commanded the morning since your days began and caused the dawn to know its place?

How's that for a Scripture, one day is uttering speech and night is revealing knowledge? You can take that knowledge if you will get up early, before the day breaks. If you will get up before the day breaks and come into agreement with what Heaven is uttering, [then] your day is going to be ordered by God.

And in these cornfield states, I feel like God's putting an anointing on you to set a course that no one else can set for our nation. You're farmers… You're called to get up early… It's part of the inheritance of these states. And so, you have the authority to come into agreement with God and set a whole course for this nation.

Now notice what it says here:

and cause the dawn to know it's place that it might take hold of the ends of the earth and the wicked be shaken out of it.

You see why the wicked aren't being shaken out? It's because we aren't setting the course for the wicked to be shaken out. And we have the authority to agree with God over what's being uttered in Heaven for the wicked to be shaken out of the earth.

There [are] several principles that I want you to understand [for] how to take revelation and come into prophetic fulfillment. [This is] because God's not just giving revelation to be giving revelation. HE's giving revelation, because HE wants to utter a word and [have us] come into agreement with that word [in order that] we can fulfill HIS call [for] the earth realm. For the earth is the LORD's and the fullness thereof. And so, I define the prophetic fulfillment as this: the process and the progression of the Word of God until it [is made] manifest. In other words, the Word of God has a process about it. And the promises over your life have a process about them. And you've got to bring those promises into a full manifestation.

In other words, when God spoke to me [at the age of] 18 [years] and said, “I can restore all that you have lost,” that didn't mean that I didn't have to do anything. It became a life-long process. It's a life Scripture for me --- to watch that fulfillment occur --- [to] watch my brother and sister get saved --- [to] watch my family come back together --- [to] watch him, even though we had lost 400 acres… [to] watch [my father] leave my mother, and she [in turn] married the district agricultural agent of another portion of our state. Therefore, not only [did God restore the] 400 acres [we lost], but [HE gave us] seven times that much. You see what I mean? Watch the process of fulfillment occurring.

You see, we get caught up in all the abuse and all the bad things that [occur to us], for instance, all the things that [my family] had to endure when the devil captured my father. But if you just look at that, [you will] never see the redemptive plan that was in him. And my call was to come into the fullness of the redemptive plan in our bloodline that [my father] never came into. So you don't want to just keep cursing them, and you don't want to say, “Oh! Woe is me!”

You wanna say, “Wait a minute! Satan captured that! I gotta get that back.” So here's some principles [for you to do that]: First of all, you must realize [that] there is a “now time.” Then you have to understand [that] there comes a time to break open revelation and break out of desolation.

Desolation has a time frame. We're not meant to live in desolation our whole life. We find a time frame of desolation in the Bible [in which the children of Israel went] into the wilderness for forty years. We find a time of desolation of 400 years between [the time of] Malachi and when the Lord Jesus Christ came into the earth[ly] realm. There was no revelation flowing [during the time span between the ministries of Malachi and of Jesus the Messiah]. And revelation is the only thing that breaks you out of desolation.

So it is a principle that you will have a period of desolation in your life. Period! It's part of God's plan, even though we don't like to hear that. If it's good enough for Jesus, it's good enough for us. We have to learn something in that wilderness place, but how we respond to God in the wilderness place [will determine] how long we're gonna stay in the [place of] desolation.

So now, how does the LORD begin to break us out of this desolation? [To answer this question,] let's look at Daniel, chapter nine. Once you start seeing this, [you'll see that] there [are] principles all the way through the Word of God. You can also study Luke, chapter four, to see how the Lord broke out of it very quickly in those forty days. But HE really just devoted HIMSELF to break through it. And a lot of times, we don't. We don't stay focused like the Lord did for those forty days. And here, in Daniel, chapter nine, we find a wonderful pattern:

In the first year of Darius, the son of Achashverosh, of the Medes, who was made king over the realm of the Chaldeans in the first year of his reign…

Now that's important also, because even civil government has to submit to God's government. We've got to realize [that] civil government, and the changes [with]in civil government, reflect [either] a break through or desolation. That's why Daniel is so specific to talk about how the civil government has changed. That change of civil government reflected a change in the atmosphere [over] the earth[ly] realm. It's the same way with us. That's why we are called to pray for every authority. We have a responsibility to get righteous authority [figures] in office. And so, when Darius got in office, Daniel was able to understand [this through] certain prophetic revelations.

By President Bush getting in office, [through the] election of 2000, it opened up a revelatory window, over the Covenant relationship that America has in [the] latter days, [in order] for us to understand. It opened up the word to us in a new way the same as it did with Daniel.

Now, I don't think [that] we [fully] understand this principle. That's why we just go vote [for whom ever we feel a whim]. No! [Don't do that, because] that's not what this is about. And it's not about a man! It's about a link into heaven that produces a righteous release in the earth realm. Now this is very, very important for us!

You know, one thing that I think God is pleased with is how we've overturned that partial-birth abortion thing. See, a lot of things are happening in the earth[ly] realm now that couldn't happen without certain authority structures in place. So that's important.

And it says [in Daniel 9:2]:

in the first year of his reign, I, Daniel, understood by the books the number of the years specified by the Word of the LORD through Jeremiah the prophet that he had accomplished seventy years in the desolations of Jerusalem .

He equates his understanding and prophetic revelation to Darius coming into office. Now, once Darius came into office, all of a sudden, Daniel knew [the] times had changed. So we've got to understand this divine connection of the authority of God in heaven (what HE is uttering) and the civil authority in the earth[ly] realm. So it opened up understanding of a prophecy that Jeremiah had given seventy years [earlier]. He couldn't understand that prophecy until Darius came into office. [Then,] all of a sudden, this prophecy became alive to him [and] it was time [for the fulfillment to occur].

The he said [in Daniel 9:3]:

I set my face toward the LORD God to make requests by prayer and supplications with fasting, sackcloth, and ashes.

The next thing I want to say to you [is], once you recognize time, you've got to respond to God's intercessory call. HE looks for it! God is Sovereign, but HE looks to us to respond to HIS Sovereignty. And HE's not gonna do anything that we're supposed to do. [Otherwise,] that [would] violate HIS character. And so, HE looks for us at a certain time to respond to HIS Sovereignty, because now [is the] time to break ‘em out of desolation. And this is why a lot of people never see their promises [from God] fulfilled, because they miss the window [of opportunity] to respond to God.

And one of the reasons that we're going to all these fifty states, because God does expect us to obey HIM. And something will happen in the United States at the completion of [this] assignment, because in 2000, the LORD said to me, “I won't judge this nation until every state has responded to ME and worshipped and [is] dealing with the issue of abortion.” I knew [right] then that I had a responsibility to be sure that each state had its opportunity to mobilize and worship together. And a lot of times, that's all that God looks [for, saying,] “Did you come together when I asked you to? That's where the burden of God rests down on you, and you're not free ‘til you pray it through. You'll just feel this thing.

And, for goodness sakes, don't go take an aspirin; don't go out to eat; don't go to sleep. See, that's usually what we do. [But you must] try to pray it through. [Usually] we just fall into apathy and say, “God I don't feel good. Some [things]‘s not right.” Have you ever said that? “Some [thing]‘s just not right. I'm unsettled. I better try to eat somethin'. Maybe if I take one more Tylenol PM, I'll be alright when I wake up.” No! Don't do that now. That ain't what God's doing with us. HE's saying, “Wait a minute! I wanna give you knowledge in the night, and I want you to utter what I'M uttering during the day. Alright?”

Now, the next thing I want [you] to notice is [that] Daniel began to pray and make confession. He began to get right [with God]. That's why we do identificational repentance, because what Daniel was saying is [essentially], “I don't wanna go through the same thing [all over again that] we went through [over] this last seventy years. So, LORD, let's get right the things we didn't get right [before], so we can move on [from here].”

So we find that what God does is [to] revive unfulfilled prophecy. [We each have] unfulfilled prophecies in our lives. And there comes a time when God says, “I'M reviving unfulfilled prophecy; revelation which I released that has not been accomplished. I'M restoring it to life.” That's what revival is. Revival is where unfulfilled prophecy comes to life again. Alright? We must begin to prophesy and utter what God is [giving us to speak], and then eventually, we're going to begin to see things change in the atmosphere.

The next thing I want to do before I end [is] to just take you through the process of prophetic fulfillment. These are some [of the] principles that I've been sharing with you, and you see [that] once Daniel did all this, all of a sudden, God [began] to pour out revelation on him. [And Daniel] went into that big warfare for twenty-one days. But then he had [a] revelation that was sealed up for us today. See? It's important that we [come to] know when God is revealing mysteries and secrets [especially since] this is the year for that. There's revelation that's been sealed up in the Word that [is going to be unsealed]. [Then] we [will] understand it, and we [will] understand [the] times and seasons.

Now, let's look at Ezekiel thirty-seven to end with this morning. See [in] Ezekiel, you go through the same process [as spelled out before]. Here, the people have been scattered. They've committed such sin, and [God] says the same thing in Ezekiel twenty-two. [God says,] “If I could just find one intercessor to stand in the gap...” The gap is that broken down place where demons are working. And remember, in Ezekiel 12:5, HE said, “I have a problem with MY prophets. They prophesy, but they won't stand in the gap.”

And so, one of the things we're trying to model for the Body of Christ is [that] once God is prophesying something, you [must] stand in the gap. You want to not just prophesy about our nation, [but] you want to [also] go stand in the gap in it. It's a requirement [to us from] God. HE says this in Ezekiel. And then, [when] you get in that place of gap, HE releases a promise.

And in Ezekiel thirty-six, we see that [God] says, “I will cleanse this land. I will give you a new heart. I will take you [out] from [among] the nations.” [And] in verse twenty-six, HE says, “I‘ll give you a new heart. I'll put a new spirit within you. I'll take the heart of stone out and give you a heart of flesh.” HE promises them, [saying,] “I'll put MY Spirit within you and cause you to walk in MY statutes.” HE promises them, “I'll do this, not because you're good, but because I want to hollow MY Name that is within you.”

And there comes a time when God says, “Now, wait a minute! If America is gonna make it, I'M gonna call out MY Name that's in MY people. I'M going to begin to bring it into a fullness, so it can be seen.” And then notice what HE does. HE gives the prophet a vision. So [that], when we're standing in the gap, we [will be] hearing the promise. [At that time] we [should] get a vision of what God's trying to do.

[God] shows [the prophet] all these scattered [dry] bones. And HE asks [him] a question: “Can these bones live?” And the prophet answers him, “Lord God, only YOU know.” But notice what the LORD says: “Alright then, prophesy to the bones.” [So] HE gives [him the words] to prophesy: “Prophesy to these bones and say, ‘O dry bones, hear the Word of the LORD. Surely, I'll cause breath to enter into you. You shall live. I'll put sinews on you. I'll bring flesh upon you [and] cover you with skin. Then you shall know that I AM the LORD.'” [And Ezekiel said,] “So I prophesied as I was commanded.”

The word, prophesy, has six different meanings to it. And one [of those six] is to bubble up and say what God is saying. Even when the prophet didn't know what to prophesy, God told him what to [say]. That's why we've got to be a listening. HE [will] tell you what to prophesy over [any] unfulfilled promise that you've got for your family. You don't have to strive [for] it. Ask HIM! Just say, “LORD, this isn't working. My city's a mess also. Tell me what to speak to it.” And then God [will] start telling you what to speak.

I want to [tell] you how you can judge [whether] restoration, transformation, and prophetic fulfillment is occurring; there has to be a coming together. Now, if you [all would] have not responded to come together in this meeting, the LORD [might] have looked down and said, “Well, they're not interested in breaking that spirit of scattering

And so, the bones came together. [The Ezekiel said,] “And indeed I looked, and the sinews and the flesh [did] come upon them, and the skin covered them over, but there was no breath in them.” In other words, the first phase that you look for is just coming together.

Now, [the bones weren't] breathing after he [had] prophesied. [But] does that mean that God's not right? Did it mean that he was a false prophet? No, [not at all]! It meant that he's gonna have to go to the next phase. This is what bothers me with the Church --- and I love the Church [just] as I said [before], but we can't stop until we see [that every promise has been] fulfilled. We can't stop until we see things moving in the earth[ly] realm the way God meant them to move.

[But] what if the prophet had just said, “Well, you know, it didn't work.”? Some of us say that. That is the biggest religious demon [that] you can entertain. That demon is telling you, “Oh well, you tried that, [and] it didn't work.” Well, no it didn't, [because] there's another phase [that] you need to go into.

So notice what God said to him here: “Prophesy to the breath.” You don't have to go back and prophesy the same thing [as] you [did] earlier. [Just] prophesy to that which isn't working. So the next phase is [to] prophesy that [the] breath will come. [The] breath is linked [with] life [and with] prophecy. [God was essentially telling Ezekiel, “You have prophesied to the bones, and they have come back together. So now,] prophesy that life will begin to occur.” We can all come together. We can get very organized, but that doesn't mean [that] we have breath. So there's another phase that you [must] enter into where things start breathing.

And so then [Ezekiel said, “I] prophesied as HE commanded me. The breath came into them. They lived. They stood on their feet --- an exceedingly great army.” That's the second phase of transformation --- where the army comes together. And see, a lot of times we look at the Church as a place of fellowship. We look at the Church as a [place for] gathering. The word means gathering. It's equated to fellowship, but when you look at it a little deeper, it also means army.

We are an army. Remember the first time we see a type of the Church [in Scripture] is when God calls [HIS chosen people] out of Egypt by armies [or] tribes. That's another reason we wanted to go state by state. There's an army in Iowa . Alright?

And then notice, this army has hope deferred. It says, “Our bones are dry. Our hope is lost. And we ourselves are cut off.” Now aren't they filled with faith? But sometimes we have to get together to hear everybody's complaints. It's part of the process, [because] we've got to address the issues that are weighting us down. There comes a time when you have to do that. [Just say,] “LORD, here I am. YOU know what happened.” Hope deferred makes the heart sick.

Many infirmities have a root in hope deferred; something that you expected to happen that didn't. And when it didn't happen [as you had expected], it caused a wounding in your soulish nature. It allowed a demon of infirmity to grab hold of you. Your sickness is linked into that hope deferred. I know, [because] I've been there. So we're gonna [have to] prophesy to the hope deferred.” You're [just] gonna have to deal with it.

And let me tell you something, God doesn't allow you to [hold onto] self pity forever. Self-pity has a cycle, and we love to pity [ourselves] over the mess we've been through. We [each] have our [own] story. We [each] have our [own] mess. We all need comfort. But you can't live under self-pity. You have to break the cycle of self-pity [in order] to move into what God has for you. Self-pity [is linked with] hope deferred. [Therefore,] you [must participate in] spiritual warfare [to get] over [the] hope deferred.

You [also] have to do that over your state, because the land weeps. Now hear me; the Bible tells us [that] the land weeps. When we commit sin --- when iniquity is working in our bodies [then] wherever your feet touch [the land], it affects the land. The land is very sensitive to God. And if that iniquity is working in you as a person, it will infiltrate into the land. [Therefore,] we have to break that off of the land [in order] for the land to prosper.

Now, I feel like Iowa has had a break through, because [over] this past year, you had the greatest corn crop you've ever had. See, that was a promise in Joel, chapter two. So you're moving [in the right direction]. [Just] don't back up! One of the [biblical] words for prosper means to push forward into victory.

Now, notice the fourth level of what the LORD did here. HE took them and said, “Okay, now let's prophesy to that.” You can't get out of prophecy and revelation. [God says to us,] “I don't do anything unless I reveal it to MY prophets.”

[From Ezekiel 37:12-13:]

“O MY people, I'll open your graves. I'll cause you to come up from your graves. And I'll bring you into the land of Israel . I'll break that spirit of death off of you.” Then HE says, “Then you shall know that I AM the LORD when I have opened your graves, O MY people, and brought you up from your graves. You will know that I AM God when I break you out of that grave that you've been in --- when I break that death shroud off of you that's been on Iowa .”

[There's] a big circle of death around Des Moines . [And there's] so much death down in the southeast corner [of the state] that it's causing weeping to occur. God says, “You weep over that [which] you've allowed into the corner of this state.” And there's a darkness up in the northeast corner that's causing a connection of this [circle around Des Moines ] to stay in place. God wants to break those shrouds of death off this state. So [we must] start prophesying it.

[Earlier] we were talking [with] one of our brothers here. [He] is a school teacher [who] comes from the very edge of this dark ring [and] drives in[to] Des Moines . [Brother, you need to] prophesy as you come in. You have authority. Get out and stop occasionally; stand on the ground; and say, “Wait a minute! Heaven's touching here!”

It breaks up all that stuff. The Lord paid the price for the headship of hell to be broken up over Iowa . All we gotta do is agree with [HIM]. See that's how warfare occurs. Warfare was won at the cross, but we've got to come into agreement with it [in] the earth[ly] realm.

And so then, finally, notice the last verse [Ezekiel 37:14]:

“I'll put MY Spirit in you, [and] you shall live.” [This is a restating of] the very promise that HE gave them in chapter thirty-six. “I'll place you in your own land. You shall know that I, the LORD, have spoken it and performed it.”

[“Spoken” and “performed” are] two different words, [separate and distinct from each other]. The LORD doesn't want us to just [be] satisfied that HE said it, [but] HE wants to perform in our midst what HE said. [However,] we have to go through the process with HIM, so that we can enter into the performance in the earth[ly] realm. [And] there is a performance coming here in Iowa .

Now, Father, I thank you, and I bless YOU. LORD, I thank YOU for this state. LORD, there's a great anointing in this state. LORD, there's great supply in this state. There's great wisdom in this state. LORD, we thank you for the land. We thank YOU that the land produces. And, Father, we ask YOU, in these next three years, for the land of Iowa to be known throughout the world. And we thank YOU for the production of the land throughout Iowa , because the people have agreed with YOU that YOU are performing mighty deeds in the midst of this people. LORD, we love YOU, and we bless YOU.

Now, if anyone of you feel like you have hope deferred, and the devil's tried to convince you that certain things will never happen, [just] tell the enemy, “God is on my side! What you're saying is not so!”

Now, Father, I speak to that spirit of hope deferred, that has [a] grave cloak [covering] over some of these people. And, Father, I decree, right now, that the grave cloth is being lifted in Jesus' Name. LORD, I break down hope deferred. LORD, I say they'll hear again; they'll move forward. LORD, they'll know the piece of the puzzle that they've not been able to grab hold of for their life, family, their city, church, this state, and this nation.

Father, we thank YOU for the anointing that is in Iowa . And, LORD, we thank YOU that it will be seen throughout this nation. In Jesus' Name, [we pray]. Amen.