Dutch Sheets Oct 27th 2003

It's always exciting when the word of the LORD begins to flow. In fact, I've just come to the point where I'm extremely board when that doesn't happen. Because I think that, when we don't have the prophetic mantle stirred up and operating, we have at least fifth of Christ's anointing that we're missing. And it seems [to be] the anointing that releases in a way that catapults us into the purposes of God for that moment. I think about 2/3 of what we do in the Church is really the plan of man. And I think that the prophetic anointing, whether it's through prophecy, such as what's happened tonight, or the prophetic ability to get our thoughts and insights from the LORD. But whatever the case, or however it comes, until we tap into that, we're building with human wisdom [alone]. And, hopefully, that's about to change. It is changing in some circles… I know. And it can change with you too. Amen?

This assignment to us is very serious. We believe that God said [to us], “If you'll go to these states, [it] will come together. [And] I will give you [a victorious] break-through over every state.” We determined that we would go, and we would not just pull out our latest, hottest, best. [But] we would hear from the LORD for each state and be very diligent about that. It's been extraordinary what God has said and done in these states.

Sometimes the word comes to me first, and Chuck jumps in and begins to prophesy. He may jump up and begin to prophesy, and we may just go back and forth. But sometimes, he'll get a word from the LORD about a state, and he'll just say, “You need to speak on this or that.” And I [have] learned not to question it.

We were up in Alaska , and he prophesies over the state of Alaska , “ Alaska is MY alpha and omega state.” And I fly into town; he's prophesied that in the prayer time, earlier in the day, and I get there and we're around a table talking about the meetings and just about to leave for the service. And he says, “You need to speak on Alaska being the alpha and omega state.” And I said, “I don't have the foggiest idea what God meant by that… ‘alpha and omega state'… and I don't have a message on alpha and omega.” And he doesn't care if I have a message or not.

His attitude is: “Just get it! Get it! Get it! Get it!” He's a prophet. Prophets don't fake. Prophets have no mercy at times. Prophets just do and say, and they border on the weird side more often than not. The scary thing [of it] is: He's rubbing off on me, and it's terrifying me. My intercessors pray for me more [these days].

But he says, “You need to speak on that.” And so, all through the worship [segment], I'm thinking and feverishly writing [down my] thoughts, “What would it mean to be the alpha and omega state?” So I meditate on that, on the verses that talk about that facet of God's personhood, what it means to be the Ancient of Days, and started trying desperately to hear from the LORD to plug that into what it would be to represent that. And the LORD began to give us insight. Oh! I tell you, it was so incredible, and we learned [so much from that experience].

We learned that, if you go west from the main land [of Alaska ], there's an island that's part of Alaska , [but it] is on the other side of the International Dateline. So Alaska is the state that has both the beginning and the end of a day. In fact, Alaska has yesterday, today, and tomorrow in it. ‘Cause if you're over here, then over on that part of Alaska it's tomorrow. If you're over there, looking this way, it's yesterday. And wherever you are [in alaska , at any given moment], [for you,] it's [always] today.

And then the LORD started talking to them about their past, their present, and their future. [HE was] connecting what happened in the past, and how that was figuring into this word, [with] what HE [wanted to tell them] about the future. And then HE said, “Tell them to move forward into tomorrow, not into yesterday.” [HE] literally took that state and jerked them out of where they've been.

[They had been in a] cycle of stagnation, [of living in the past,] [while] God [was] trying to move them into the future. It was amazing how the prophetic word of the LORD just catapulted them into the new and shifted things [away from the past].

And I suppose that's why I wanted to say this to you, because the word of the LORD shifts things. I don't fully understand how; I just know that it's the character of God. When HE speaks, something happens. When HE speaks through HIS Word… when HE speaks through the prophetics… whenever God speaks to you, something changes. Now, when you think [something] or get information [through normal means], things don't necessarily change. But when the revelation of God comes to you, something changes.

That's why we're here. We believe the word of the LORD is coming, and it's already beginning to flow… [and] something is going to change in Iowa . [It's] not because I'm here, not because Chuck's here, not because Francis is here, but [it's] because we, God's people, are here, and HE is meeting with us. Therefore, something is gonna change. HE's not gonna waste this opportunity! HE just isn't! And we're here at God's time. I know that in my heart. I just know that this is the time for Iowa . This is the exact time [that] God wanted us to be here.

So, LORD, would YOU just help us now as we move into the Word, to say very succinctly, and yet very clearly, what YOU want said just so that we can set the table. LORD, I feel like my assignment tonight is just to set the table, so that we can prepare the way for You to do fully what YOU want to do. LORD, we want to get our faith engaged right now. And we do begin to release our faith. Because YOUR people have gathered here together, YOU can do anything. And YOU can literally shift the heavens over the state of Iowa .

The Word of the LORD can liberate, transform, point the way, break through [barriers], pull us out of the past or move us into the future, align or realign, position or reposition, restore, heal, mend, or [make a] way.

So, LORD, we stir up the prophetic mantle of Jesus in this room right now. We stir up the apostolic strength and order and government of God. And we say, LORD, YOU can do whatever YOU want to do. We ask YOU to do [just] that. We ask YOU to change things. In Jesus' Name [we pray]. Amen.

Open please, your Bibles to Matthew 16. I heard the LORD say very clearly today, “I'M about to open the heavens over Iowa.” Now, we'll just have to see fully what that means. But I know when God speaks to me for these states, it's been miraculous how HE shows us what HE wants to do.

I feel like I need to begin talking to you about revelation, because the windows of Heaven have just opened in a new and profound way. I knew that things were going to shift this year in the Body of Christ, at the Feast of Tabernacles. I knew that one of the things that was going to happen was that revelation was going to increase.

And the revelation that begins to flow for here is not just for here, but it's going to influence the nation and the nations. Isn't it amazing, that in little, old, tucked away, Iowa , where nobody would think a whole lot about it, God starts saying, “I'M going to shift what's happening in the Middle East and Iraq from the cornfields of Iowa .” I mean, go figure… Just go figure… But that's what HE said. Either we receive the prophetic word and believe it, or we're just gonna trash it. But that's what HE said. Something is going to happen here that is going to shift things clear over there.

Well, I know in my heart that it is connected to the Spirit of revelation that has been released. In fact, let me just say this… Tabernacles was all about revelation, and it was called the Feast of Illumination. It was also called the Feast of the Open Book. One of the interesting things about the feast was that they had to live in these booths or tents outside. And they even had to have at least one side of it open. In other words, it was the concept of living under an open heaven.

Now, I didn't even associate that thought with what HE said to me today until just now. “I'M about to open the heavens over Iowa …” And I'm tellin' you that much of this has to do with revelation. When revelation begins to open… when the heavens open in this way, EVERYTHING changes! I'm talkin' EVERYTHING CHANGES!

And so it was the Feast of the Open Heavens… It was the Feast of the Open Book where they would read the Book of the Law. It was known as the Feast of the Open Book and the Feast of Illumination [with] the lights and the glory of the LORD… It was the Feast of the Restoration of the Glory of the LORD. It was [during] this feast that the Glory of the LORD came into Solomon's tabernacle. And they couldn't stand to minister, because the Light, the Glory, the Weighty Presence of God came into that Temple . It was at [the Feast of] Tabernacles when Haggai made his prophecy, “I'll fill the House with Glory and the latter Glory will be greater than the former Glory.” And then it was at [the time of] Tabernacles, again, that Jesus talked about “Rivers of Living Water” coming out of our inner most being.

Well, listen to me… [The Feast of] Tabernacles was the only one of the three major feasts that had not [received] a literal, historical, fulfillment in the earth. Passover was at the Cross. Pentecost was in Acts [chapter] two. But there's never been an historical time, season, or event [in which] Bible scholars believe [that] it was the fulfillment of [the Feast of] Tabernacles. I believe, and am still convinced, [that] the LORD said to me, “This year, at [the Feast of] Tabernacles, the Church is moving into the fulfillment of everything that this feast represents, one of which is revelation.

Now, Matthew 16:13…

When Jesus came into the district of Caesarea Philippi, HE began asking HIS disciples saying, “Who do people say that the Son of Man is?” And they said, “Some say John the Baptist, others Elijah, and still others, Jeremiah or one of the prophets.” HE said to them, “But who do you say that I AM?” And Simon Peter answered and said, “Thou art the Christ, the Son of the Living God.” And Jesus answered and said to him, “Blessed are you, Simon bar Jonah, because flesh and blood did not reveal this to you…”

That is the word, by the way, revelation, there, apocalypse, apocaloupsis, or apocalupto. It means to unveil something or uncover what has been hidden. And so we get the word “apocalypse” from it. The book of the Revelation, or the Apocalypse…

HE says, “Blessed are you, because flesh and blood did not unveil this to you, but MY Father who's in Heaven…”

Now, God wants to move you into a spirit of wisdom and revelation. Not just wisdom, and not just understanding, not just that which comes through study, but [also] a spirit of revelation. And HE says, “You're blessed because the Father revealed this to you.” And I also say to you, “You are Peter, and upon this Rock I will build MY Church, and the gates of hell shall not over-power it. I'll give you the keys to the Kingdom of Heaven .” And that should be translated this way: “I'll give you the keys to the kingdom of the heavens.” Plural… HE's not talking about the Third Heaven, where God lives. HE's talking about the key of authority to do business in the heavenlies. And if you look that up, you will see that it's plural and in Greek. And it's really saying, “I'M gonna give you the keys to the kingdom of the heavens, or the heavenly places. I'M gonna give you the authority to operate [in the heavenly realm].”

But I'm gonna say to you that those keys come through the Spirit of revelation. You only learn to operate in the heavenlies with the keys to really change things, opening the heavens, doing something in the heavenly realm that impacts earth. It begins with revelation. And HE says, “That's how we're gonna build the Church.” We're gonna build it through the Spirit of revelation that comes through the Christ. And [this is what] the gates of hell won't prevail against.

Now, the gates of hell have no difficulty prevailing against your and my good ideas… That's why so often we do see the gates, the plans, the schemes, the entry points, if you will, [with] gates representing points of access where things go in and out, or are not allowed to go in and out. The gates of hell have no problem prevailing against man-made ideas, strategies, and implemented programs. And one of the reasons that we've seen so much anemia, [or] lack of power, in the Church and lack of ability to shift the heavens, [or] lack of ability to penetrate [and] open the heavens over a region is because we haven't learned to move into the place of revelation where the Father can unveil things to us and then move [us] there.

Sometimes, I think some of our good ideas [those which seem good by human standards], not to be sarcastic, are really born in hell. Because I think the enemy will literally give us plenty of good ideas that look like they're gonna bear fruit and make sense to us [so that] we'll just get busy implementing our good ideas and not be motivated to get revelation from heaven. Satan is not afraid of our understanding; he's not afraid, because we cannot penetrate the heavens with man-made ideas. We must penetrate the heavens with that which is of the Spirit. Now, are we on the same page so far?

I believe that we're just gonna break through into revelation. We're just gonna break the heavens, shatter some things up there, and get ‘em open. And when we all leave here, and God's finished, we're all gonna be moving in a realm of revelation [that] we didn't move in before.

You know, I've been preachin' on this for awhile. And I've been saying there's coming a new release of it at [the Feast of] Tabernacles. And then Chuck comes along at our conference about a week, week and a half ago, and every year, he studies the Hebrew calendar. And he tells us what the number of that year means. In the Hebrew, sacred, calendar, it's the year 5764. And 5764 means something just by the numbers. And you can often look at that and see prophetically in the Sovereign, Omniscient, incredible, plan of God what that year will mean prophetically. And so what do you think “5764” means? It means the understanding of mysteries… and the understanding of divine secrets and revelations. And so, here we are preaching this. And here we are moving into this fulfillment of this feast, and we move into the very year, the sacred year, of Israel that actually means understanding of divine mysteries and the secrets of God. I'm tellin' ya, it's the season of revelation. That's how HE builds the Church. That's how HE positions us so that the gates of hell can't prevail against us.

That's what it really says.

And whatever you loose on earth shall be loosed in the heavenlies.

Then HE warned the disciples [to] tell no one that HE was the Christ. Now if we just skip right on down to verse 21. HE starts teaching them and says “I'M gonna go to Jerusalem , by the way, and I'M gonna suffer many things. And they're gonna take ME and kill ME. And I'M gonna raise from the dead on the third day.

[At that moment,] Peter took HIM aside and [began] to rebuke HIM. Now, isn't it amazing how quickly he moves from revelation right back into flesh and soul. [Peter] reminds me of me. He stepped right out of the Spirit and right into the natural again. He stepped right out of that place where the Father was revealing [things] to him, and he [began] to think as a human being. It's so easy to do, isn't it? I mean, you don't have to be evil to do this. You just have to be human.

I want you to know, that's a very strong word there. It's the word that's used in the New Testament for rebuking demons. I mean, this is worded very accurately in my translation here. It shouldn't be read [that] HE began to correct or enter into dialog with Jesus. I mean, it says that “HE began to rebuke him.” You know, most of the time, Jesus is pretty patient and gentle with these guys. But there are other times when HE just had to deal with [the situation] differently. And HE said, “You know, I'M sorry, but you're the one that needs the rebuke, because you've entered into a realm here where demons have started talking through you. So I'M gonna rebuke the demon. It's not in ME; [Peter,] it's in you.” HE said, “You are a stumbling block to me.” Verse 23; “For you're not setting your mind on God's interests, but man's.” Now that's very powerful.

See, when we move out of the place of revelation, and we begin to move back into a man-centered theology, a man-centered mode of operation, man-centered building projects and activities --- when we move out of that place of revelation and begin to operate from the soul and our own intellect and understanding, [then] we move into that realm where demons can influence us just as easily as our own mind influences us.

Now, when HE says, “You're not setting your mind on God's interests but man's, HE uses a word here for mind (making reference to the entire soul) that is not the typical word for mind, which refers to the intellectual portion of the soul. A literal definition of the word Jesus uses here may be: to think, using emotions and the individual will. So if you put all of those components into that (the thinking part, the affections or emotions, and the will), you will have the three parts of the human soul; the mind, will, and emotions. What HE really said to Peter was, “Peter, you moved out of the realm of revelation, and you moved from the Spirit into the soul.”

Now, a couple three years ago, God started saying to me, “I want to teach you how to change the atmosphere.” And I really didn't know what HE meant. And over the next several months, probably even a year or so, HE walked me through a process where HE began to explain it and show me what HE meant by shifting or changing the atmosphere and how to do that.

And let me just jump ahead and say, “It all revolves around revelation,” because that is the beginning point. We are going to change the heavenlies over Iowa , because we are moving into a new place of revelation. I want to say this to you, and Chuck touched on this, there is a facet of the prophetic anointing of the LORD that is operating here in Iowa . There is another dimension of the prophetic that you have not yet broken through, but we're gonna do some things in the Spirit to help break this state loose into the prophetic realm of the anointing.

HE asked if we can do that. Of course, we can do that! Of course, we can! We do it by appealing to the LORD and moving into a place of prophetic declaration and prophesying it in the Spirit. Through our agreement and declaring the Word of the LORD, it just releases something in the heavenlies. And just like you would lay hands on a person, and impart the gifts of God to them, the corporate anointing lays hands on a region and releases the gift of God.

And so my goal, by the time we're finished tomorrow, is to have a break-through in the Spirit where this region of the nation, primarily consisting of Iowa, but I feel like God is linking these states together, and is going to break through into a new prophetic mantle of revelation; open heaven. Boy, I'm tellin' ya this'll be glorious.

1 Samuel, chapter 3 talks about break-through in revelation. So this is where we are. [Therefore,] let's just see what happened there. We're moving into the transition, which… I've never put it all together before now.

But I just found out a week ago that, at the beginning of [the Feast of] Tabernacles, what they would do would be to read the first two or three chapters of [First] Samuel, and they would dissociate the birthing that came through Hannah and her travail with this season… Or maybe it was a few days before the [Feast of] Tabernacles, but somewhere in there, they would read this.

Well, it's really where we are too. This whole section of the book is all about revelation. And it's what God was bringing Samuel into in order for HIM to bring a complete restoration and transformation of Israel . I mean the leadership was going to be transformed. The nation was going to be transformed. They were gonna shift to HIS time, into the Davidic order of worship. And in all this, Samuel was the one who inaugurated much of this.

But chapter three and verse one [of 1 Samuel] says the boy, Samuel, was ministering to the LORD, before Eli. And [while] Word from the LORD was rare in those days, visions were [also] infrequent. Now when it says here that words from the LORD were rare and visions were infrequent --- this phrase, visions here, being infrequent, is an interesting phrase; the word, vision is [from] the word kazon, and it means any form of revelation that comes from God.

If you look up the word, you will find that it comes from a root word, meaning to see, and so, some of the definitions of this word were “prophecy, oracle, dream, vision, revelation” --- any time God comes and reveals something to you, whether you're meditating [on] the Scripture and begin to receive revelation that way, or you have a dream, and God begins to speak to you that way, through prophecy, or you're out in worship [when] God begins to download to you as the worship takes place, it doesn't make any difference. The context --- or how it happens --- it is a kazon. Something God has revealed.

And what this verse says literally then in the rest of that phrase, when it says that they were infrequent, the literal translation of that phrase is that kazons from the LORD [were rare, because] there was no break-through in the realm of kazon or revelation. So [a literal translation] would be: “Words from the LORD were rare, [because] there was no break-through of revelation.” Or you could say it this way, “Revelation could not break through.”

And I've always been convinced of this. When we're really not hearing from God clearly, it's usually not because HE's not speaking. Now there are times when the sin of a region, or a place, could be so rampant that God chooses not to speak. But more often than not, it's that we don't know how to listen. Our lifestyles, and things that we are doing in the way we operate, keep God's revelation from getting to us.

You could be in a room filled with revelation and one person [might] get great revelation, while somebody next to him not get anything. Because for [the second person], that realm of revelation is somewhat closed off, and there's no break-through for [him or her].

What God is saying to us, and for this state, right now, is, “I want to shift things, so that Words from the LORD become prevalent, and there is great break-through in the realm of revelation. The prophetic anointing of MY Spirit… the prophetic anointing of Christ begins to break loose, across this region, to where the Word of the LORD begins to flow like a river. The heavens and the Book are opened.”

It's a feast of illumination, [where] dreams and visions become prevalent. The prophetic Word of the LORD begins to be explosive, and words of knowledge begin to break-out here and there, [with] words of wisdom breaking forth. Strategies from heaven [will] come. And you're gonna know how to do things in a day that you've been wondering, for years, how to break through. Some of you are gonna wake up in the morning, [and] you're gonna understand how to build the vision. The vision will become clear all of a sudden. God is going to download blueprints to you even in the night seasons while you sleep. You're gonna wake up and grab pen and paper, because the revelation of God is gonna be flowing. Song writers, psalmists, [and] worship leaders keep note pads by your bed, [because] you're gonna dream the Word of the LORD. I'm telling you, people are going to begin to be delivered in their sleep.

You say, “How is this gonna happen?” I don't know, but I prophesied this a few weeks ago, and I said this revelation that's coming, there is a Spirit of deliverance that's gonna happen, and people are gonna be set free through revelation that comes to them in the middle of the night.

A lady came up to me and said, “I want you to know this happened to me a week ago.” She said, “In my dream, I was pulling something hideous out of me. I went to the sink, and I began to pull an ugly cord up out of my mouth.” And she said, “I pulled it out and flushed it down the drain.” She said, “I woke up, completely freed from the wounds of my past. God delivered me in my sleep.”

There is coming a great break-through in revelation. [And] when it comes, then the purposes of God [will] begin to move forward at a much more accelerated pace. We don't try this and try that and then stumble on to something that works. We move into revelation, and God downloads [to us] from heaven [the plan for] how to break through over a region. We penetrate into that place of an open heaven, and there we receive the strategy of God.

And all of a sudden, where [for] decades or centuries the gates of hell [have] prevailed, they don't prevail any more. That's why there's gonna be break through in Iraq , because revelation is goin' to begin to flow. And the prophetic forerunner breaker anointing is gonna penetrate the heavens over there. But God said, “You're gonna send that Spirit of break through over there.”

Now, when this happens for us, it's going to begin to happen for the unbeliever. Because when the heavens open, the heavens just open. We are influenced by it, and revelation begins to come to us. And we [will] begin to see more clearly. But I'm tellin' you right now [that] unbelievers will too. The veil of darkness… the veil of deception… the veil of false religion… the veil of centuries of idolatry and strongholds in the mind of man are going to be broken through as it were in a day of the travail of the birthing of the Spirit of God.

Then the prophetic decree of the LORD goes forth, and the atmosphere above changes. The veil lifts, and people begin to think differently by the Spirit of God. Are you hearin' me? By the Spirit of God, not by persuasion, not by fancy preaching, [and] not by this plan or that plan. Now, I believe in planning, but what I'm saying to you is when the heavens of revelation open, people [will] begin to think differently.

This is gonna happen for your family. [And] this is gonna happen for prodigals. I'm telling you, we are moving into a season where the prodigals are comin' home. Prodigals are comin' back. Get ready for it. They are sitting in the pig-pen, and the Spirit of revelation is coming to them. They [shall] remember [the] Father's house, and they're gonna say, “What am I doing here?” The Scriptures that they knew in Sunday school, and what was prayed over them when they were tucked in bed; [these thoughts are] goin' to come alive [within them] by the Spirit of God, because of an open heaven. And they're gonna begin to think clearly and [say], “If I just go back to [the] Father's house, I could be eating plenty. I could have the robe of righteousness and all that I need.” They're gonna run to [the] Father's house. And I'm gonna say right now, one key ingredient that's going to cause this is the Spirit of revelation. The heavens are being opened, and there is a break through of revelation.

See, we're a lot like Samuel. [When] it starts to happen, we go, “Who was that? What was that?” We go to the carnal system, and they can't hear it. And finally, at least Eli had the sense enough to say, “Well, it's God! [Just] answer HIM, and say, ‘Hear am I.'” And when you read on down [in] that passage, it says the reason he couldn't discern [that] it was the Voice of the LORD is, because it says that the Voice of the LORD had not yet been revealed to him. He was not yet moving in revelation. He was not yet at that point.

By the time you get to the end of this chapter, he is moving in such revelation that the process of restoration begins [to occur] in Israel . And it says that the shift of leadership begins to take place.

One of those fascinating verses in the Word, to me, is said about Samuel [that] “None of his words fell to the ground.” He [began] to speak by such revelation. Filled with the Spirit of God, under the prophetic unction of God, that no longer did his words have no effect, no influence, or no ability to break through, but they went HASHOOM!!! None of them fell to the ground. They all went into the heavens and did something there. This is how things are restored, you see, --- this is what we move in that breaks through the gates of hell.

Now God's startin' to do this to me. I start preachin' this stuff, and the LORD said, “I'M gonna do it with you.” And I thought, “Good!” I need this. I'm tired of doing things and [only] one out of ten works well. I'm tired of thinking my way through plans and thinking my way through strategies. I'm tired of hit and miss and sixty percent of what I plan and try to do in the Kingdom bears very little fruit. I like it when something propels it with the winds of heaven. You almost have to get out of the way, because God is so blessed by it. And HIS pleasure is on it so much that HE just can't help but bless it. I love it when that happens.

So I began to have dreams. I've never been a dreamer, but I'm startin' ta have dreams. How 'bout that? Little didactic me… Cerebral didactic, you know… [I] spent most [of] my life in Matthew 16:23, thinking man's way. You know? And I get around this strange man, [Chuck Pierce,] and now I'm dreaming.

My kids are dreaming. My fourteen year old comes to me last week. And she says, “Dad, I had this dream.” And she lays out this profound dream. I mean it's full of detail. It's about the heart of [king] David and the heart of Deborah. And the key of David that unlocks the chest, where the treasure is. And when she gets to the [treasure] chest in the dream, it's the shape of a heart. It's the heart of David; it's the heart of intimacy. She lays this thing out to me, and I'm goin', “Fourteen years old?!!!”

My other daughter has… they both had dreams about Hollywood , about the Arts, and about secular artists. They've seen, by name, what God is about to do in some of these circles and arenas, and they come lay these things out to me. At first, you know you tend to think the first time or so this is kinda weird or strange. And the more they start laying it out, the more you understand [that] this is God!

Chuck began to prophesy to me just a few weeks ago. He said you're gonna move into the next phase for you and your congregation in signs and wonders. The prophet, Bill Hammond, comes to us and says the next phase for this house is signs and wonders. Jim Gall and Jill Austin come to our house, and both of them say, “One of the very next things [that] God's going to do in this house is signs and wonders.” You know, I think we're about to move into signs and wonders… You know, I can catch on… I'm gettin' there. You know, I'm gettin' this.

So I have a dream, a week ago, Saturday night. My dad used to move in signs and wonders in a major way. And I had the same dream twice in one night. [In] both dreams, I see my dad sittin' there, and the LORD comes to me in the dream and says, “I'M going to teach you how to reclaim your inheritance, through your father, of signs and wonders.” I go back to sleep and have the same dream. “I'M going to teach you how to reclaim your inheritance, from your father, of signs and wonders.” What is starting to happen with me? Revelation… Revelation… It's breaking through…

Now, when it breaks through, you have the ability to shift things in the heavens, because it's the Word of the LORD that changes things. It's the Word of the LORD that breaks through. It's not your word or my word, [but] it's the Word of the LORD that breaks through. “The Voice of the LORD,” Psalm 29, “that breaks through in the wilderness.” You read all about the Word of the LORD, and then you get down to verse eight, and it says, “The Word of the LORD shakes the wilderness.”

And the word, shake, [as used] there, literally is the word for travail in Scripture. Literal translations read this way: “The Word of the LORD brings birth pangs in the wilderness.” Or “it puts the wilderness into travail.” So the dry and dead places of the earth, the word, wilderness there, means lifeless and sterile. And HE says, “The Word of the LORD begins to come, and sterility is reversed. And birth pangs begin to come; travail starts taking place in the Middle East, in Iraq, and the cornfields of Iowa,” because it's the Word of the LORD… It's the revelation from God.

You know it's here now, don't ya? I mean, you have to be pretty dull, spiritually, not to realize [that] there's a Spirit of revelation in this room. When the Spirit of revelation happens, the room just gets pregnant with it. And that's what's happening [here and now]. You get to a point where you just break through. The heavens change, and HE shows us how to change the atmosphere.

Let me just pause and say this, I don't know what you would call me. But with the prophetic mantle and the apostolic calling that I have to this nation, God always makes me live in advance of what's coming. I don't know how you define that or how you describe it theologically, but I don't just get it on paper. God begins to make me walk it out, and then I realize [that] what I've started seeing is a pattern… I'm walking out something that HE's about to do in the Church. And it's a part of the forerunner calling. It really is… And so HE starts doing this with me, you know…

I received a visitation from the LORD, several years ago, and HE pinned me to the floor for about an hour and a half. And when I say “[HE] pinned me to the floor,” I mean exactly that. It was anything but fun. And HE gave me a mantle at that moment. At one point in this visitation from God, I felt like I was going to die. And I felt it so much that I literally, for about 15 or 20 minutes, begged HIM not to kill me. My spirit was okay with it, but my body, my mind, and my soul had no way to cope with it or understand what was goin' on. My body was just shaking like some. I felt like a hypodermic needle was stuck in me. Everything in me was sucked out, and something completely new was put in. [Then] at the end of it, HE said, “Now you're MINE.” Now, I've thought for a long time that I was [already] HIS, and I know, in one sense, I have been. But all I know to tell ya is that I was a different man [after that], and HE said, “Now you're MINE. And you'll go where I tell you to go, and you'll do what I tell you to do, and you'll say what I tell you to say. And you'll fear no man.” Then HE began to show me the angels that were gonna accompany me. HE [showed] me (in this visitation) where to go and said, “I'M going to send you to places in this nation with a Spirit of repentance and revival.” Then HE began to take me there [in the Spirit], [starting] with D.C. HE gave me a series of understandings from Scripture and revelation and [said], “Now I want you to go to [ Washington ] D.C. and begin to make declaration.”

And over a year, year and a half, I may have made maybe fifteen [or] twenty trips into D.C., most of which were just to pray. Not to speak or be a part of any gathering, but to just go and pray. HE would say, “I want you to go to this place and decree this. And I want you to go here and decree that.” And I'd find that I'd just get busy and as discreetly as I could, just go and just find a quiet place and begin to speak over the Mall and the Whitehouse and Congress and the Supreme Court.

But I'll never forget the day I was doing a conference, in January of 2000, and HE said, “I want you to now shift the heavenlies over Washington D.C. ” Now, that was completely new to me. And I'm thinking, “Okay, we're gonna shift the heavenlies over this nation's capitol. Okay…” And all I can tell you is we went to the gathering that morning and through the intercession and corporate anointing, we moved into a place, and we began to decree that the government and the very center of power in this nation would shift. And I tell you what. It was almost like an earthquake. Some people said [that] they did feel the shaking. The heavens began to just shift. And, of course, that began a process of shifting this nation.

Now, it's not just about that event. I'm not at all naïve enough to think that anything I do is just about me or what I did. It's always a series of things and many peoples' intercession and the things that the Body of Christ is doing. And I'm [just] a part of that, but God gives me my part.

And so things begin to shift, and HE began to show me how I could go in and do these things. The only reason I tell you this is because that is what HE is about to do with you. HE made me live some of these things first, but as a forerunner. So that HE could teach me how to shift things in the heavenlies.

What's so exciting to me is now I know that there is coming a broad-scale mantle to the people of God that boils down to a Spirit of revelation, that is going to create an open heaven and change everything on earth.

I want you to stand with me… I think we're s'posed to pray right now. I feel like we're s'posed to literally begin to call this in, so I want you to just really get focused now. I don't want anybody stirring around. I don't wancha worryin' about the clock. I just want you to get focused with me, and let's begin to intercede and pray in the Spirit. Okay? Just begin to lift your voice and call out to the LORD. Be comfortable. If you need to sit, stand, kneel, you can. [It] doesn't matter. Just get comftorble, and let's begin to penetrate the heavenlies over Iowa with our words. Let's begin to decree the Word of the LORD that we are hearing… that there is a Spirit of revelation breaking forth. Dreams and visions… The Word of the LORD is going to come alive.

“Revelation is about to break through into Iowa that is going to change,” the LORD said, “the very earth.” It's going to change the nation. HE said, “You are going to feed the nation revelation.” HE said, “You are going to even feed it into the Middle East , and Iraq is going to change because of decrees from Iowa .” We say that the church of Iraq is going to prosper. The very battleground of Iraq is going to shift because of the Word of the LORD that comes from Iowa . So we speak now in Jesus' Name, and we say, “Let the heavens be open.” LORD, YOU said to me, and I wrote it down, “I AM about to open the heavens over Iowa .” [Therefore,] we decree the heavens are being broken through, revelation is coming, the heavens are shifting, the Spirit of revelation is coming, and the gates of hell will not prevail against this. The Church of the Lord Jesus is going to be built in such a way --- on the Spirit of revelation --- that plans are going to begin to prosper, visions are going to begin to take place, prayers are going to be answered, [and] people are going to be delivered and set free. Ministers, pastors, [and] leaders in God's family are going to go to a new place of revelation, and the “Bread of Heaven” is going to be released in a new way to feed the people of God. Prayer groups are going to begin to grow, and triple, and multiply, because the Spirit of revelation is coming. And it's going to lead to a spirit of increased revelation and declaration. The prayer meetings are going to grow. Even the leaders [who have not already done so] are going to begin to move into intercession. They are going to begin to preach with a new unction and a new anointing. The heavens are going to be opened up by the very Spirit of God, and the Word of God is going to begin to flow in ways that have, up to this point in time, been blocked.

We say that the prophetic anointing of God is now being released over Iowa in a way that it‘s never been released before. We lay hands, as it were, on this region. And we say, “Come forth, anointing of Jesus!” Come forth, anointing of the prophet! Come forth, prophetic insight and revelation! Come forth, opening of the Scriptures! Come forth! Come forth! Come forth!

We decree the lifting of the veil over this region. We decree it over the Church! We decree it over the world!” We say, “Prodigals are being influenced by the Spirit of revelation.” We say that iniquities are being broken. We say that over entire campuses that the Spirit of revelation is going to begin to hover, the heavens are going to open, the veil is going to lift, and the Spirit of revelation is going to penetrate the classroom. And signs and wonders are going to begin to take place on the [school] campuses of Iowa --- at the high schools and junior high schools and the college campuses. The LORD says, “I AM inviting them with a Spirit of revelation and the miraculous signs and wonders. The signs and wonders will get their attention. The veil will lift, and I will bring revelation to them. And what you could not do in decades [on your own], I AM going to do in a day.”

The LORD says, “It'll be even upon those who are bound by tradition, lifelessness, and religious spirits.” The LORD says, “I AM coming to break that off of this state, and Iowa will be known as a wild place in the Spirit --- a radical place of revolutionary warriors, who move in radical zeal and boldness.

And right then, the full anointing shall break forth from the plains of Iowa . The fire of MY Spirit is going to begin to burn through the dross, to colorize wounds and heal [the hurts]. It's going to heal, not only physical and emotional wounds, but the Body of Christ is going to be healed in [awesome] ways… There is coming a Spirit of healing, harmony, and unity that is going to be by the fire of MY Spirit, because I AM no longer going to be persuasive and speaking in ways that try to woo MY people into this, but,” the LORD says, “I AM coming with a Holy Fire that is going to literally burn down walls that have separated and divided! And I AM coming with Holy Fire and passion [to] break into MY Church, even in places that they have not asked ME to. I'M going to do it anyway. I'M gonna move in and crash through walls and barriers. I'M going to lift fatigue and weariness off of MY people. MY leaders are going to be filled with fresh zeal, fresh fire, and fresh oil from MY Spirit.” The LORD says, “As this Spirit of revelation begins to move in and among you, do not be surprised when I interrupt your gatherings with visions.”

I even see this. I see young children --- three, four, five, six years old, and upward --- moving into meetings where the adults are and saying, “I have just had a vision from God.” And they will take over the meeting to share the vision that they have seen. “People will run for salvation, and deliverance will begin to take place as the children speak,” the LORD says, “because I will give them revelation from heaven. And they will not argue with ME. They will say what I say, and they will say what I show them.”

The LORD says, “This move of MY Spirit will not be built around the abilities of man. This move of MY Spirit will be built around ME and ME alone! This move of MY Spirit will require a [greater] level of humility.” The LORD says, “I AM going to cause you to put your faces to the ground and cry out to ME in humility and lowliness of heart --- [to] know your need of God and revelation. You're going to have to acknowledge that you do not have the insight and the abilities to do this on your own.” The LORD says, “You must be willing to acknowledge your failures and the plans of man that have fallen and [been] caused [or] inspired by demonic forces,” the LORD says, “that have infiltrated through these things. But if you will humble yourself with a new spirit of humility and dependency, I AM going to react to that very quickly.” The LORD says, “I AM going to move in quickly with a Spirit of grace and mercy and revelation. And I will show you how to turn years and decades around that the worms and the locusts have destroyed. I will come in MY great mercy and show you how to turn it around. And it will not take the same amount of time that it took for the enemy to do it [as it has been done in the past]. I will come and bring a Spirit of expediency upon it.” The LORD says, “I will show you how to do it very quickly, but it will require great humility.” The LORD says, “I say to you, ‘You do not know how to do what I want you to do.' You do not have the understanding within yourself. You must lean upon ME! And you must look to MY Spirit to give you the plan. I say to you, ‘I give you a promise.'” The LORD says, “If you will do this, I will come. I say to you, ‘I will come!' I will rend the heavens. I will come to you! I will change [you]. And you will see that for which you cried… that for which you have wept. I say, ‘Then you will call your sons and daughters from afar, and they will come.' I say [that] your words will begin to penetrate. And when you prophesy to the north, south, east, or west to give them up, I say, this time they will come. And I say that when I send you this time to the demonic strongholds of darkness, and you prophesy MY Word, they will fall. And you will break through,” the LORD says.