Chuck Pierce Oct 27th 2003

Father, we thank YOU for the wind that's beginning to blow here in this state.

While Pastor Dutch was speaking, it‘s as if the LORD showed me the state and lifted me up [to] show me what the state looked like in the Spirit. And the LORD was saying, “I'M going to begin to break down that circle of darkness that dwells in the center of this state. I say that I call you like Ruth at this time, and I would say you would go to the corners and begin to glean. And if you'll glean in the corners, then I would say to you, ‘The center will have to respond." Now, I believe that has a literal meaning; you won't be able to see transformation in the center without starting at the corners. And when the LORD showed me that, HE showed me several things. HE showed me the southwest corner and said, “In the southwest corner [there] was going to be a grass-roots movement that would begin to emerge and bring political change into the very center and the very heart of the state.” And then HE said that the Church is going to blossom. And there's going to be a move of God in the northwest corner of the state. The Spirit of God is going to come down. And where it's never blossomed before, all of a sudden, the Church will begin to blossom with revelation. There will be a break through of worship in the northwest corner. Then HE showed me the southeast corner and said, “Much weeping will begin to cause a river to arise and tear down a throne in the southeast corner.” HE said that there is a throne there that has been erected, “but the weeping of MY people will cause the throne to decay and fall.” Then HE says that there is a kingly anointing rising up in the east [portion of the state] that will affect the Middle East.

And then, when I looked at the state from the heavens, I saw the northeast was totally bailed. It was desolate. There was a blockage from a movement of the Spirit of God. And it was actually causing an influence into the very center or heart of the state. The LORD said, “I want to lift the veil in the northeast.” I saw a sword come down into the government. And I saw this sword begin to divide and create confusion. There was confusion in the courts [and] in the systems of government here. And it caused the government, where it's always been underneath the veil, to begin to rise up in a new unity, a new sound, and a new release came into the civil government. Then the LORD said that there was a drought that was trying to surround the very heart of this state. But from the corners, you'd be able to penetrate the heart of the state. And, [since] the drought that was forming would not be able to take hold, there would be such a release. “And that what has been released this year, for the cornfields to blossom, will [bring] a greater release next year,” saith the LORD.

So, I would say to you, “Change is now upon this state.” What was will no longer be. “What has been asleep, now will wake up,” saith the LORD. “For I say, ‘I will have a people that begin to rise before the sun and make decrees, so that the order that I have for this state will be made.' I will have a praying group that rises every morning in the north, south, east, and west corners. They [will] begin to rise up and make a decree. And from their decree, I say [that] I will bring to birth MY very purpose in this state. And even though you've been submerged under Michigan and Wisconsin , I say [that] Iowa is now rising to the attention of this nation.”

Now, Father, we thank YOU. Father, we thank YOU for YOUR Holy Presence that is in this place. We thank YOU, LORD, that revelation is resting over this place. And, Father, we decree now that YOU will restore the soul of Iowa and the people of Iowa and YOU will lead them forth in a new way from this day forward. Father, we thank YOU for the anointing. We thank YOU for the call, and we thank YOU for the glory that is now beginning to rest upon us.


Dutch Sheets Oct 27th 2003

One more thing while we're in this place. I want us to pray against any spirit of witchcraft and especially during this season. During this season, leading up to Halloween and all the demonic stuff that goes into the high level. You know, we don't have to allow that to happen. Through witchcraft (which come and try to put that veil back on and hide and cover and steal), that stuff will try to come in and steal everything that God's trying to do here. And we're not goin' to allow that to happen. We're just gonna push it back right now and take authority over it. Let's do that right now.

LORD, we say in the Name of the Lord Jesus, we cancel and we bind every work of witchcraft against the House of God in Iowa that would war against revelation, that would steal the seed of God's truth, the seed of the Word --- that would rob from us through distraction, the cares of this life, and the pressures and the things that would try to come against us. We say, “No!” to that, and we cancel that in the Name of Jesus. According to Matthew 16, we bind every work of darkness in the heavenlies over Iowa . And we loose the very Spirit of God and the angelic hosts of heaven to war against it now and to push back every assignment against every leader, against every child, against the very forces of government, and we take authority over it now in the Holy Name of Jesus. And we push back and say, “No weapon formed against us shall prosper, in Jesus' Name.” [Amen…]