Sunday March 25, 2007
Iowa Alliance for Reformation Meeting in Burlington, Iowa
Apostle Greg Crawford

There is something I am placing deep inside, says the Spirit of God, in this hour. A shifting in the realm of the Spirit .There is an anointing that breaks the excuses of men of why it cannot be. It will bring them into why it can be. I say there will be a shifting even in this hour. You will see the 7 miracles of what was prophesied come to pass over these counties. There will come miracle upon miracle upon miracle. And in 7 weeks the fullness of it shall be seen. There indeed will be a shifting even like I said over Pella. Was there not a shifting in 2 weeks and it came to pass? And I say in 7 weeks the fullness will come because a 7- fold anointing is coming into these 3 counties. The 7- fold anointing of my Son is coming and it shall be embraced by many and you shall see a shifting in congregations in this hour. A newness will come and a freshness will come. A new understanding of the time and purpose and the season that is resting shall surely come, says the Spirit of God.