Prophecy From Alliance Meeting 02/27/07

Prophetic word:
I am coming with the sting of a hornet. It shall be the sting of a hornet of my anger, but it is the anger of jealousy because I've invested much. It is a sting to not destroy but to get man's attention. The Jebusites will not stand. I will deal with the hearts of men but not like in the times of past. I will deal for them to carry the anointing of repentance for the land. The sting of the hornet shall first come to the leaders and second to the people. This season of declaring and removing of obstacles is coming. Your mouth shall carry the sting with it. Shift in your mindsets and you will shift in your efforts. But it is the shift in your heart that concerns me tonight. The hornet shall sting two times. It shall keep coming and stinging. It is coming to sting and change men's mindsets and to sting and change men's hearts. Like the hornet my sting will keep coming. There will be two distinct stings but a repetitive stinging as well. I'm coming to bring inheritance to the land. The sting shall not destroy. Do not be distracted. Do not be distracted. The inheritance shall be passed to the next generation three generations will touch what I am doing in this hour. This is my heart this night.

Fire is coming to the campuses of Iowa.

Prophetic word:
The shift will come when the trumpet of gathering has ended over the state. At this time all the brethren who have been called will come. Angles will be seen in the night sky over Iowa and they will resemble fire flies. They will be fiery ones lighting up the vials and releasing a residue in the night. There is famine in the land and it is a famine of manna. Intercessors are to be face down while famine is in the land. There must be repentance for the structures men have created and the programs they have made. They have nothing. They are whitewashed tombs. You do not see what I see. A season of travail will cost you in tears and mourning. Do you not see what grieves my heart? The angles will carry vials of blessings to make it through he temporary season.

The Lord Showed Apostle Greg:
Just like how God showed Enoch that pastors are given a certain amount of people allowed to fail with, but once past that point there would be a woe to them. They would fall into a place where God's judgment would be towards them for their actions. The Lord says the Midwest is at this point, and on the verge of going beyond what God will allow. God is bringing things to a halt. Men have compromised under pressure to speak what men want to hear. Compromise is done. Leaders must speak what they hear in heaven. They must not have the fear of men. They must stand against the onslaughts. They must realize others are standing with them. God is about to take leaders into the revelation realm for visitation.

This includes the leaders on college campuses and Jacobs that have been position. The Joseph's are requiring of you. You need to declare my word. Rise up. The woes will begin in the next season. The semester now is yours. You have one semester of favor. The Iowa education system will shift. Many will not hear the woes because they are distracted. Declare open eyes and open ears and break the distractions. Speak Grace to influence hearts for change.

There is coming a loosening of fire that has never been seen before. It is time to start this fire. The fire Calls you, move with it.