Jubilee International Ministries New Years Eve 2006/2007

Greg Crawford
Mike Lauer

For I say unto you even as you came in an unselfishness to wait upon me, I shall now wait upon you this next year. The words that you would declare out of your mouth shall surely touch my heart. And because of the unselfishness of the wait of this night I shall be unselfish in how I wait upon you.

For I say this is a year of much opposition that is coming. It is a year, even, of not understanding at times. But I say turn unto me with your voice and your heart, and I shall wait upon you, and answers shall come. For I am unlocking the strategy and laying it upon my table. It shall lie before your eyes, it shall come into the understanding of the eyes of your heart. For even as this instrument has prophesied, and my word has came forth, there is even dropping a new dew from heaven to cover the exploits of the sons and daughters.

For I say unto you that revelation is even now dancing, desiring to be loosed. It shall come in joy even as this young child was in joy this night in the wait: I shall joy in the wait upon you. And in the dance of revelation there shall be reveling, and there shall be a piercing. But do not lose heart, for in the end it shall perform all that I have sent it to do. Even this night the notes dance the sound of my revelation, piercing the heaven and earth, preparing the way for my visitation. The wait has not been in vain, the revelation will surely come, for it is already loosed even this night. It will come as a force even at times, and it shall stake my claim to that which is upon the earth. I shall drive it deep into the heart of men, I shall drive it deep into the heart of societies and nations. Kingdoms will bow because that which I will reveal to leaders of nations will cause great fear and trembling to enter in. For they will see my revelation coming and realize the laws of man cannot supersede the desires of my heart. I shall have my way, and it shall be full.

I can just see it all in the spirit realm tonight. I can see a table laid with a book opened. And the Father is setting before it. And it is a book of strategy. And He’s breathing upon the ancient pages. And the words are lifted off, and travel through the spirit realm. Even coming as dancing notes tonight, dropping down into our midst, with force.

I say unto you tonight, breathe deep in my spirit realm. Deep, deep, deep in me breathe. Breathe in the revelation into your spirit. Breathe in that which I have deposited. Breathe in the sounds that I have released, and the ancient pages of scrolls that I now unseal. I say breathe in the words that have my breath blown across them and within them. Even as I told the prophet of old to eat the scroll I say unto you eat the revelation that boils from my breath this night. Consume those things that I have put before you. I say these things must be consumed inside. For only then will they become a part of you. My life is infused in the sounds that have been released. For every breath that you take of me has my sound and my voice within it.

I am just seeing the Lord blowing on this book again, and the words, I can see the words lifting off the page, and floating into the spirit realm. But as I look at the page, the page is blank, for the words no longer remain. And I asked the Lord, “What is this that the words are not on the page no longer?” And He said: “there is no need for the words to be upon the page, for what is upon the page is being released into the earth, there is no reason for the words to remain, because the word is to go forth”.

His desire is to seal a book that has nothing in it. It is part of the finishing anointing.

Prophet Mike Lauer: “I can literally see that same book. The Lord showed me the cover of it, and it had a title, and it said “Reform” on it.

The Lord is saying that the words that are in that book will release all throughout this whole year. He says it’s going to take a whole year to release that. And He said that the next year afterwards; the closing of the book is going to come at the end of this year, but the sealing won’t happen until the end of next year. Cause God’s going to allow us to have a year to get those words that are in the spirit and pull those things down. He’s allowing a year to get strategy, and not just wait on strategy, He saying you get strategy, and as you get it you implement it.

This is really a year of preparation, this is a year of getting those words. And the Lord also said this is the year of the spirit of might, because might is going to be needed for those words to flow off the page. And He said the spirit of counsel is coming for the year afterwards.

The book will be closed at the end of this year. It’s a book of reformation. But it won’t be sealed until the finality of this seven-year war. There is a transfer of the words on that page, a transferring unto our hearts. Jeremiah saw it.

There is strategies of the enemy that God has written down in that book. There is a strategy that I see right now that the devil is going to try to get into the education system this next year. I can see it right now. I see a strategy where God wants to put a change; there has been a kink in the education system here in Iowa in the next year. There’s a strategy of the enemy that’s going to come fast. And he’s going to hit this year the education system. And it’s not just the only thing, but it is one thing the Lords just been showing to me in that book. Cause God’s got a reformation for that thing. These keys are strategies to it. We are going to know six months in advance what the enemies plans are. That is what God is wanting these next two years. Six months in advance! That’s all in this book.

2007 = Open Heaven for the church. (Sam Bradsfield)