Greg Crawford Dec 16th 2006 "Four Anointings Released"

This is an exciting thing. This is going to release the next generation. I was talking with Al (Perez) about how the next generation is going to be able to have a place of release through this whole thing. That it's going to be prayer furnaces on fire throughout this whole state. That things would happen. We talked about why you can't ever see something break open, because somebody imports something. It's because there's no investment that comes, because they haven't made a commitment to the land. They're just passing through and they're only under the authority of those of whatever house. They're not under the authority of the men that would be (planted) in a region. So, that's going to release something just going to bring a higher level. Like my wife said, I see it cutting some things. It's going to rock some people's world. It's going to confront false doctrine and teaching. It's going to confront things we've allowed in The Church that should never be. It's going to make standard of holiness and righteousness.

Things are going to be addressed in the spirit realm and they're going to be cut through in a moment of time, cause God doesn't have time in this hour to sit here and try to talk us into believing it. He's just going to start demonstrating it, and let you figure it out later on. All these men went through a lot of demonstration. They were modeling the Kingdom is what they were doing. Not just declaring with their mouth, but they were modeling it. This alliance is going to model something of The Kingdom that has probably not been seen. And so in this house, these are the things God is speaking to my heart. My heart is so much on this state, so much of what is going on in this state, for the leaders of this state. But the leaders of this state have to be shaken. There has to be a shaking because there are too many souls at stake already to move and to do something. But they don't know where to go and they don't know what to do and nobody's given them any purpose or any destiny or anything. That's sitting inside all of them and it's frustrating the grace of God. That has to shift in this hour. So, that's where we are. That's what is coming.

So, tonight, what I want to share is, I'm literally going to go over last Saturday's message, because we all got blown out of the water. I don't know about you, but I got blown out of the water. I'm trying to digest what God said. People are getting these messages now. It was the first time I ever saw a run on the sound booth for messages. Everybody wanted that message.

Tonight, has everybody heard this? Once? Last Saturday night? Twice? Three times? Grandpa has heard it 5 to 7 times because he transcribed it. So, now it's transcribed and we've put it into a booklet, so people can have it in written form. A lot of people want stuff in written form. So, last week, we talked about this "Releasing of Four Identities", didn't we? A release of four identities. I'm just going to paraphrase stuff cause I have new notes. We've got to get this in our spirits. I was talking to Al in Cedar Rapids and He said, when he heard this message, he was just weeping. He had to stop the car; it was hitting him so hard from the CD. He didn't know what to do with it.

In Zechariah 1:18, we talked about a man who saw four horns rise up. We talked about four horns, didn't we? Communism, radical Islam, Hinduism, and terrorism. These four things touch all of Judah, but the answer was four carpenters are coming! That those four carpenters are going to cast down, fray, and they are gonna cause some problems for those four horns or those four areas. Those four things have been coming against The Church for a long time in different forms, different ways.

Then, Kim Clement gave a word of The Lord saying what apostles love to do, as they love to give a prophecy and preach on it. I'm looking for fresh prophecy all the time. I'm like a dog on hunt. Do you know what that means? Kind of like a hillbilly term. I'm looking for fresh prophecy. I'm looking! What are they saying?

I told Al today, I said, "No prophets are speaking, cause they're holding it back. They want something fresh for New Year's Eve." The prophets have been still for the last 3 to 4 weeks. There hasn't been much. But here comes Kim Clement, and he released this word that God is releasing these four things in this next year. Then the Lord started speaking to me about how it's coming into our state, into the four corners. And how the prophecies of Dutch Sheets and Chuck Pierce said we're going to glean the four corners of this state, that four apostles will arise and there will be a completeness of the gospel that will be coming into this state that we've never seen. The kingdom is going to be loosed to these four anointings. Then something is going to shift, because these are four anointings for four dynamics of The Kingdom. There is a new dynamic of The Kingdom that we've not yet seen. These things are coming out of that.

So, there are four carpenters. Carpenters are builders. Kim Clement released this word this week about the next year being the year of jubilee, in Leviticus 25. That this is going to be a year of coming out of debt and indebtedness. That is not about our physical, natural debt, it is about your spiritual debt, the indebtedness of your spiritual life. It's about coming out of that, we will return to our possessions, not our (earthly) possessions, but our spiritual possessions, what we've let go of. We return to our land, not our physical land, but our spiritual land of influence. Our cities, our regions and states and nations. All of these things are coming in this next year and there's a shifting and I haven't even had time to study it, but I know those four dynamics of kingdom are in jubilee, in Leviticus 25. I know they are sitting in there. Those are reflections of restoration.

All of these men were restorers of a future that hadn't been see. That is what jubilee does. Jubilee brings a time of restoration and a time of hope of the next future that is about to come.

Here's what the Lord spoke to me just this afternoon. That out of this is going to come four distinctions of intercession into the church. Enoch, we will intercede as friends of God knowing that we are a friend. Knowing that He hears us. Having the confidence that what we pray for is surely in our hand. That is the Kingdom as it is, as it is right now. We are a friend of God. We do not have that identity yet, but that identity is coming to you, so that you will realize who you are. What God has created you to do on this earth. A friend of God.

A friend knows the secrets of another friend. There is intimacy in that. Our intercession is coming in to reveal the secrets of God's heart, and the intimacy as friends. The second thing is Joseph - interceding as those who have experienced refuge. Knowing the refuge of God knowing the hiding of God. Knowing that even though everybody may slay me, my God is still for me. Coming into intercession, knowing that we are interceding to bring people into a refuge of His heart, that's a real different way of looking at it, isn't it?

Kingdom now! Daniel - an intercession, an interceder, as one of the spokesmen for God. Knowing what is on His heart that He wants to declare. Not just what is on His heart, but what He wants to actually declare into the earth realm. That is where He was. That is the Kingdom future.

Isaiah - an intercessor as a reformer. God is gong to start making us pray in a way that brings reformation into the earth. Not just a revival, I'm sick of revival. No revival, I want awakening! I want reformation. Revival means to get back to the state that we are supposed to be having. Awakening means we're going to a place where something's being revealed to our spirit that has never been revealed. Reformation is about reforming everything so society embraces the awakening of God's heart. Those are the things that God wants to do in intercession. So, with that, we ought to start tonight.

We go to Hebrews 11:5 There's so much in the Bible about Enoch. If you start looking, you'll find some more things. "By faith, Enoch was translated that He should not see death; and was not found, because God has translated him; for before his translation he has this testimony, that he pleased God." You see, last week, I talked about it, that he saw the Kingdom as it is. He was anointed to go into the revelatory realm. He was to transition humanity into the third heaven, and he was building a relationship with God. And I expanded on some of that. Well, let's talk about Enoch. "He pleased God!" The word 'pleased' is only used three times in scriptures. It's used twice in talking about Enoch in reference to Enoch, and one other time about people who are walking according to righteousness. It's not used any other time in scriptures.

Enoch was the father of Methuselah. Methuselah was the name the Lord gave me 3 years ago, and He said "There's something about Methuselah that you've got to under-stand." Methuselah was his son, and when Methuselah was born, Enoch thought (where am I getting this?) I've read Enoch and the Watchers, I read the historical documents and I've read Josephus and I've been reading and reading, reading on stuff. There is a lot of historical documentation and it gives us understanding of things. Do you realize that Enoch is quoted 24 times in the New Testament? You see, we're scared to read a book like that. Because it's not the Bible, but we'll quote anybody off the bookshelf today. Yet, Jesus and Paul and Peter all quoted Enoch, and they quoted him 24 times. So Enoch had a son born, Methuselah. He came out the gate, his face aglow and his eyes a flame of fire. Serious. So much like an angel, he said he had the appearance like an angel. So he named him Methuselah, which means 'who is of God'. He lived longer than any man on the face of the earth. The Lord spoke to him, he said, this anointing that is coming is going to birth that which is eternal. It is going to birth that which is of God. As the Enoch anointing is loosed in the earth, there is the appearance of God coming into the earth that has not appeared as yet. It will be the glow of the glory of God upon faces and the fire of God within the eyes of men, There will be a shining force of what is birthed this year. Enoch saw all kinds of things, He saw how the whole spiritual realm held the earth realm together. He saw the angels that were in charge of every dynamic. Angels that were in charge of rivers and streams and the wind, but he also saw the angels in charge of the oaths and vows that men took. He saw angels that were in charge of judgment and justice, of loosing and binding. He saw angels that were in charge of regions of the earth, and have been given authority over some of the affairs of men to loose things in men's lives, so men would grow in the spirit realms into righteousness. He saw angels in charge of decrees of God that men would decree and if we've got ourselves lined up, we've got angels moving on the decree we've just made. When you make a vow, and you pay your tithe (meddle in your life a little) or, if you don't pay your tithe, guess what? You just moved an angel who's in charge of oaths and vows. There's an angel in charge, one way or the other. Enoch also saw Seraphim and Cherubim and he also saw Ophannim. - a third one. I've never seen that in scripture, where did you find that? Oh, but if you dig a little bit, here's what it means, it actually means 'the wheels of Ezekiel' personified, he saw the things we keep praying to see, but we never can see. A wheel within a wheel, and eyes, and multifaceted things. It's in Ezekiel 1:10 if you want to know where it's at. What he saw was those things that are making declaration in heaven. We're talking about Enoch anointing tonight. It's wild, isn't it? We'll We won't just know assignments, but we will be burdened with the same things that are burdening the heart of God tonight. It will drive us to sacrifice and pay any price, go anywhere, and do anything. We're not there yet because we have not identified with it. Enoch was a model of intercession to spare the earth. God spoke to him, spoke to him and spoke to him. He came back and he talked about righteousness and righteousness being established. God finally said, Enoch, I'm sending you home for one year to rest and one year to speak to your descendants and then I'm taking you home. I'm going to flood the earth and I'm going to wipe it out because you've gone and you've spoken and you've gone and spoken and nothing has changed.

That will come out of this as well. That will be the chaos that will arise. It will be the flood that my wife saw. That will be those things that are coming. Kind of exciting, isn't it? Enoch means 'dedicated one' and that's what it's gonna take to be a friend of God. A friend of God is one that has to have their life dedicated in intimacy. This is the season where God is not playing games any more. This is the season where the forerunners are forerunning this next thing into the face of the earth, and it's gonna come with some scarring and some sacrifice, some battles. It's going to come with some intensity, but it's going to come with joy, intimacy, a reviewing of the things of God that we have never seen and an understanding of who God is and how God wants to be in our lives. I just love the things about Enoch. Remember I said last week, it's all about miracles that superseded time and space. That's where it's coming to. This thing is going to supersede a lot of things.

Here we go, Joseph, again. Seeing the kingdom in the now, Joseph's anointing was another time and season. The sons of Issachar, (son of Jacob and Leah) came out of Joseph. It was about the transforming of a nation and building a place of refuge. Remember Joseph had a dream in his heart and his identity was the word already put inside of him. In Psalm 105, it says the Word tried him. There was the trying of the Word of God that was sitting inside of him and those were some of the things we talked about last week. So, tonight we're going to talk about some other things. Joseph's life was saved by Reuben and Reuben was the first born of Israel. The first born is the one that shifts the things in family units. The generation that is coming up is going to be the one of the first born into kingdom dynamics of modeling of spiritual fathering and mothering. It is going to be the one that will save the others. Joseph was raised in Hebron, he was raised in a place of alliance until he was sold out of alliance into Egypt. When Jacob died, he said what? I want my bones buried back at Hebron at the place of Alliance.

Out of Joseph, came two sons, Ephraim and Manasseh. We talked about it at conference this past time. Ephraim means 'double ash heap and double fruitfulness'.

Manasseh means ' being allowed to be forgotten'. In Genesis 41:51, he named him Manasseh because he said this "The Lord has made me forget my toil". No longer toiling in this, I'm no longer laboring and the Lord spoke to me and said 'when this Joseph anointing is released, the toiling and laboring of ministry will cease. It will come effortlessly.' We will forget the days of the past and the struggles that we have had. Cause it will fade in the glory that is coming upon us. Like Enoch's son, Methuselah, with glory coming upon the face and eyes, the flame of fire, the passion of God burning in our hearts so great that everything will pale in comparison to what we see God doing in front of us this next year. This is going to be an exciting year!

I tell you what, we just better throw all the Bible school notes away that we have here because it won't work the same next fall. It just got trashed; we're going to be released from indebtedness. We're going to be put in a place of multiplication.

I'll tell you why this is important. Because, this generation that is coming up has a dream in their heart and they've been put in a pit with no water. They've been put in a place of a dungeon. They've been put here. They've been put there. Discarded, but God is about to bring them out. Because the dream in their heart is also connected to Ephraim and Manasseh who made the alliance at Hebron with David.

And that is what we talked about on the phone this afternoon at 5:30 with Al. It was the Hebron alliance that is being formed by men in this state, in this hour. We are coming into the place we're indebted, we're in distress, we're in despair and we don't know what to do, but we can't be in the cave any more. The dream is too big that's in our hearts and the dream that in the next generation of Manassehs and Ephraims is too big. They are not a double ash heap. They are to be double fruitfulness. They are not to be forgotten. Their name shall be in the roll call and the alliance with David shall be made. This is the shift that is coming next year. (I'm trying to hold it down just a little)

Joseph was known for knowing the times and seasons and the interpretation of dreams That is the sign of kairos and chronos of God, that timing of God and the divine moments of God. It is about the release of storehouses. In Genesis 41:57, there is a storehouse anointing coming to the church to release the corn to the nations.

This is a direct prophecy related to what Dutch Sheets and Chuck Pierce said. That we will flow with corn, oil and wine and we are flowing with the corn and wine, because we've got the vineyards established, but we've got the oil thing still coming. Who knows what this is? Kim Clement might have an understanding of that about the new energy thing. What this is, this is an anointing to release revelatory truth because the interpretation of dreams was revelatory to reveal what was hidden, so men could plan their futures. That came out of Joseph's life. Now I'm going to throw you a ringer. This is also about administration of the Kingdom and how we do administration concerning the kingdom. I'll tell you where it's coming from. We've talked about next generation and we've talked about the upcoming generation.

I'll tell you why this is coming. It's coming because some Jacobs have wrestled for the blessings of God not knowing what blessings they needed. But there was a season yet to draw upon it. Did he not wrestle all night and said, 'God, you must bless me'? He wrestled until the hollow of his thigh was touched but was he wrestling for a present tense blessing? He was wrestling for a future tense blessing that would come one day that his whole family could survive. The next generation gets the blessing but there's one who paid the price of wrestling, so you can get the blessing in this hour. What is happening with Joseph anointing being released is only a manifestation of what the past generations have wrestled for, so you can have your blessing in this season. That is what this is about. It is about the fulfillment. It is about showing honor to who has paid the price they have paid. Isaiah saw the Kingdom in the beginning. He was anointed to declare the Kingdom. A reformer of mindsets established the mountain to build the house. When he saw the throne of God in Isaiah 6.

Everyone needs an Isaiah 6 encounter; I've had one. I've had an Ezekiel 37 encounter and Ezekiel 47 encounter. You've got to go after these encounters with God. That is the thing that has launched me into ministry. It's the thing that makes me have a passion for the state. It is that I've had some encounters. Those are the things to get you through some hard times. He prophesied for 64 years to a nation that really didn't want to hear it. Reforming some things. Other prophets were on the scene. They were speaking things that move mindsets. Isaiah was a reformer. Here's what the Lord spoke to me today. This is pretty deep! You have to grab it. Revelation 10:6-7 And sware by him that liveth for ever and ever, who created heaven, and the things that therein are, and the earth, and the things that therein are, and the sea, and the things which are therein, that there should be time no longer: 7 But in the days of the voice of the seventh angel, when he shall begin to sound, the mystery of God should be finished, as he hath declared to his servants the prophets. Vs. 11- And he said unto me, Thou must prophesy again before many peoples, and nations, and tongues, and kings. We've covered this before, and it means to prophesy anew. Here's what God spoke to me. "Because of Joseph's anointing, and knowing the times and seasons, we will prophesy anew, not declaring the future, but prophesying the finishing anointing that has been loosed." Sitting right here in this state, Dutch Sheets spoke it at Council Bluffs, IA this year. He said. There is a finishing anointing sitting upon the state of Iowa to finish what God has started to birth inside of them. We're not going to be prophesying our future and keep prophesying the future because there comes a day where the future is no more, it is now! There is a finishing anointing for us to start prophesying and decreeing the pulling of the future into the new movement of God, so something is established in this moment. This day is not waiting for something to come in days and days and months and years, and hang the carrot in front of the horse. (Where are these analogies coming from, God?) But, there is a finishing anointing to prophesy anew. I hope you get that! It's hinging you see these things are hinging. Out of Joseph, came Issachar, the son of Jacob and Leah. Issachar, who knew the times and seasons. You prophesy the same old thing and you just give the same old word in the same old way. When you start knowing the time and seasons, it's like this message tonight for some of you, you've never heard anybody speak like this. It is because I know the time and seasons coming into this state. So, I'm preaching it the way God wants to preach this thing. See! This thing is coming for us to finish this. Isaiah is one of the greatest hope books there is and what is coming is hope that has never been seen before. But not prophesying hope in the future, prophesying the finishing of it in people's lives. That is reformation that is touching some things. Isaiah 2:2-3 And it shall come to pass in the last days, that the mountain of the LORD’S house shall be established in the top of the mountains, and shall be exalted above the hills; and all nations shall flow unto it. 3 And many people shall go and say, Come ye, and let us go up to the mountain of the LORD, to the house of the God of Jacob; and he will teach us of his ways, and we will walk in his paths: for out of Zion shall go forth the law, and the word of the LORD from Jerusalem. Establishing the mountain to build the house is the key. It is the key!

Here's what the Lord spoke to me: "The next two years will finish the establishing of the mountain and end the seven year war of Saul." We are starting the sixth year of the seven-year war of Saul. The structure of Saul is being torn down and shifted. It will take this alliance running through this state for two years to see this thing come and establish it. This is not going to happen in three months, six months or a year. We have to be in this for the long haul. And if you're not, you had better not even get started at the beginning. This thing is going to cost to do it and do it right. We have to be in it to see it finished. Not half way, cause the church has been known for going half way and not finishing any wall like Nehemiah built. We have to be like Nehemiahs on the wall and say 'I'm doing a great work and I can't come down this moment to hear your pettiness. We have to get on with the program cause there's something that has to be built inside the wall. It's about building a new structure for God to contain something and I'm not saying, we are going out of here and building a bunch of churches and stuff. I'm saying, we're building a container of the Body of Christ to hold the Glory of God and the face of Methuselah can come upon us. Daniel saw the Kingdom in the future and was anointed to be a spokesman for God. Transitioning a nation is what his goal was! His agenda was in his heart cause He said, he would safeguard it. He wouldn't turn aside, He wouldn't indulge himself in the things of the world. Here's what I want us to understand; Daniel shifted his current age by bringing a future age in. That is what was going to be released in this Daniel anointing. We are bringing a future age of the church into this present age. He shifted it when He was thrown into the lion's den and the lions didn't devour him because he shifted out of that age to another age. He was translated like Enoch and like Isaiah. That's why Isaiah was translated into the throne room of God. What he went through did not touch his life. He released a strategy. Here's what I want you to hear; he released a strategy to build the house of God. You see, Isaiah released a strategy to establish it, but Daniel released the strategy to build it. We're all thinking about physical things, right now, but it's spiritual. In Daniel 2:35- He saw what Isaiah saw about the mountain being established. He was all about building God's house and the defilement of the house itself even when Nebuchadnezzar took the golden goblets out of the house of God. Do you realize that for the first time in history, a Gentile was the king? It's terrible! There was a breach in the tabernacle of David, and he begged God and prayed. There was an intercession that he did for a nation. See there was a shifting in these things. He begged God and prayed. He said, God, shift this nation, but see the house built back. Let's see the glory come back in the way it's supposed to be. He cried out for it., stood and said, "I will not compromise for what I believe. I will not shift off this place, where God is first place in my life." He was about accuracy in the spirit realm here's these guys drinking out of these golden goblets and here comes the handwriting on the wall and the knees of Nebuchadnezzar are literally shaking where people can hear. What did he hear? He brought the reverence of God back into the house. Sitting there touching holy vessels when you shouldn't be touching them. Doing things that you shouldn't be doing. What does he say to Nebuchadnezzar eventually? Guess what Buddy? You're gonna wander around and eat grass, you're gonna get scales like feathers on your body and you're gonna get claws and you're going to look like a mad man running around. It's wisdom of God to know the mysteries of God, what's going to be released in coming. Ananias and Saphhira are coming. There's a shifting coming in the spring where God's not gonna play. The games are done. That is finished There is a seriousness in this hour and it is coming. Until there is true repentance in the hearts of people, they will either be removed or replaced. What did Daniel do? He modeled the Kingdom in front of all kingdoms. He didn't voice it with words; he modeled it with his life. I will not bow to that image and if you throw me into the fire, you throw me into the fire. I love that; there were four men in the fire including the Son of God. You always think of three, there is four. The three boys and the Son of God are in there. And it's like four anointings in the fire with the Son of God. This brings wisdom of God to know the mysteries of God. What's being released is the wisdom of God. Knowing what has been sealed because what has been sealed has only been concealed. Not that we don't have access in, God is going to start bringing wisdom because what was Daniel known for? He was known for wisdom beyond his years. This next generation is coming with wisdom of how to confront kingdoms. It's going to be wisdom that will influence current leaders. I've already heard a testimony about that today. Daniel didn't confront that which was false, but interpreted correctly what was false and let truth confront it. You see we're not supposed to be running around. O man! Don't get me down that path, I had to confront something this week that is just wacky. We're letting the enemy's plans effect how we plan our life and what we do and how we should rally and why we should call a meeting. I confronted this thing, I'm tired of it. I wrote a letter right back to the head of this organization and I said, "When in the world do we do it like this? This is not Kingdom. You see Daniel said, here's truth and truth is what's going to confront it. I don't confront it, I model the Kingdom with my life. But I let the truth of how things are interpreted confront that, which is false. That is why there is a shift in doctrine right now, that we would really get truth inside of us and speak the same thing. I told Al, we'd better be ready because we're going to have to spend some days together. Days in this alliance so we speak the same exact thing. We can't speak multiple things and expect something to shift. He said, "I know and I'm willing to pay that price, the others are too." There is a real seriousness in that. People want to tag along, just to look and see. You can't tag along and you can't speak the thing you'll be a detriment to this. I didn't get too many amens on that deal. Here's what prophesying anew is, actually it's gonna reach the point where it is modeling, it is the prophecy. You see what I'm saying? It is where we model it as the fulfillment of it. I thought Jesus was the spirit of prophecy. The testimony of Jesus was the spirit of prophecy. His spirit was prophecy. His life was a prophecy. Isn't it interesting that Enoch is quoted 24 times but Daniel has 24 prophecies fulfilled. I thought that was a little bit interesting. There are two statements and I'm' done. All four men were royal lineage and you're of royal lineage, holy priesthood and very peculiar people. All four saw a king and a kingdom that they could identify. That explained their function and they went out and functioned in what they saw. Isn't it interesting, there is so much about these four lives that we've got to study out in this hour to see what is coming. So you see tonight, we come in here and this is a meeting for the region, this is not a church meeting. You are The Church or the Ekklesia of the ruling ones that govern and rule the laws of society. That is what you're supposed to do with your life. Church is not a building or a place or act of time. Church is a living, breathing, effective organism controlled by the Spirit of God and voiced by Him. With passion in your hearts and the tenacity to engage and confront anything. That is who you are. Man! I can hardly wait to come out of the chute on January 1 and do something this next year. I'm so excited about this, I'm counting the days, not 'til Christmas. That will be Christmas when that happens. Be ready to roll with this thing. Here we sit tonight, that 's just a little thing to expand on from last week, so we can start to grip this some more -a little more. I asked God today,"what in the world do I say tonight?" and He said, "You need to redo that again, go through it again so they can grab hold of what I'm trying t o get them to have in this hour cause it's important, you know."