Greg Crawford Dec 9th 2006 “Four Anointings For Iowa”

I feel that this is a pre-conference word. I feel like God is wanting me to release it, so that everyone here will get the benefit of it before we all get there. This is something the Lord dropped into my spirit this afternoon, through a course of a lot of different things. We’ve got to war with prophecy when it comes. We’re going to start in Philippians and I’m going to read about two pieces of scripture tonight and talk about four books. Phil. 3:17 –is where I’m going to start.

Everybody bring your Bible? Who brought your Bible? Who's going to use their Bible? You want to be sure you’re reading along, you don’t want me to lead you astray. I did that in the youth group once! Nobody was bringing their Bible, so I read a scripture completely out of context, expanded upon it; no one caught it. And the lesson was false doctrine. So we went back, read it in context, then explained it. Then everybody caught on what was going on, and they all had their Bibles the next week.

Philippians 3:17, -“brethren, be followers together of me, and mark them which walk so as ye have us for an example”. Vs. 18 “for many walk, of whom I have told you often, and now tell you even weeping, that they are the enemies of the cross of Christ. Vs.19. ‘whose end is destruction, whose God is their belly, and whose glory is in their shame, who mind earthly things. Vs. 20. ‘For our conversation is in heaven; from whence also we look for the saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ; Vs. 21- ‘who shall change our vile body, that it may be fashioned like unto his glorious body, according to the working where by he is able even to subdue all things unto himself'.

The conversation means = the administration of civil affairs or common wealth. It does not mean we’re having a dialogue and talking. It means that we are administrating something, the civil affairs. It even means the form of government and laws by which something has been administrated. So you see, we last Saturday night discussed that our identification is being talked about in heaven. There’s a conversation going on about you right now in heaven.

And we see that Mary, in Luke 1:26 - an angel came to give her identity, so that she could accomplish something, which was birthing the king together. And that the king and kingdom is setting inside the church right now and God is trying to give the church an identity. That’s kind of a wrap of the whole thing very quickly. Now, you see where God is at tonight, it's how do you release this identity, or what identity is coming to us? That’s what I want to help us out with tonight, because, you see, there is a conversation going on in heaven, and here is part of the conversation, it’s about the administration of God's kingdom in your life. That is part of this conversation that’s going on. It even means, it talks about the commonwealth of citizens. So, sitting tonight there is an administration of our life in heaven being discussed, and the earth is about to get some angelic visitations to release that identity into us. That’s what is coming! And so, the question is what is stopping the administration of the kingdom in our life?

It's right in the same verse here in Phil.3: 18-19.

People are minding earthly things. Considering earthly things more than God.

They are putting everything before him -conversations, affections, what we spend our finances on. It even talks about what we feed our belly, and all kinds of stuff. You know, really not talking about feeding our belly, it’s talking about not fasting. It's talking about the things that we do that we avoid doing what God asked us to do. We’re supposed to be living a fasted life style. Jesus said, ‘some of these don’t come out, but by prayer and fasting. We will p r a y, but we won’t f a s t.

Now, I'm not going to talk about fasting tonight. Here we come into Christmas. But he says, ‘they’re able to subdue things, that when all this starts getting into order, things start getting subdued. The word subdued=means—‘to be put subject to, or ‘under subject to'. But it also comes down to this, 'a military fashion under the command of a leader'. So, when we start becoming militant about who we are, and what we can accomplish.

Tonight, during intercession, God was giving me this, releasing this strategy over this state, and He was giving even cities to go to. And he was giving me assignments.

I’ll tell you one thing, if you’re running by the time January comes, you're probably gonna be left.

Because, we’re about ready to run; I've got five men that want to run with me, not in this place, and they’ve got people under them who want to run. We’re talking about running through this whole state, doing meetings, conferences, and doing stuff, and just trying to move this whole thing. Shifting it, and we’re talking to people right now, trying to find who wants to roll, what’s gonna go, and who should we possibly avoid. Cause we want to move this state. We want to see something happen. I’m sitting here tonight--having a ministry thing, that we gather, we sing a few sing-along songs and we don’t accomplish any thing. I want my conversation to count. I want what's being spoken in heaven, and I tell you, what’s being spoken in heaven, God's talking about strategy right now. He’s talking about how the church is going to govern the affairs of men and change society. That’s what He’s talking about! Let’s go to the second scripture.

Zechariah 1:18. Don Crum preached a little message on this, but I felt it was incomplete. He only spoke about ‘two horns’. I know what all four of them are. “Then I lifted up mine eyes and saw and behold four horns. And I said unto the angel that talked with me, what be these? And he answered me, these are the horns, which have scattered Judah, Israel, and Jerusalem, and the Lord showed me four carpenters, vs. 21, then said I, what come these to do? And he spoke, saying, these are the horns which scattered Judah, so that no man did lift up his head; but these are come to fray them, to cast out the horns of the Gentiles, which lift up their horn over the land of Judah to scatter it.”

It talks about four horns, four carpenters. Don Crum says the first horn is communism.

Communism=a religiousless society. A society with absolutely no religion.

The second horn is radical Islam = which brings a false religion into society and government.

So, one doesn't have anything, yet the other has something, but it’s false!

The third one is Hinduism = which is idolatry, Babylon, and (the 4th) - terrorism, which is a society, based on fear. And those four horns are touching Judah, Jerusalem, and Israel.

Judah means = praise. Praise; it doesn't mean praised with a ‘d’ on the end. Yes, it isn’t talking about a current action. It’s talking about a past action that has happened. That means, if you start looking at it, here's the reality, what has been praised, or what has gone up in praise throughout the earth has one of these four things attacking it tonight.

The church is under attack by one of these four things, no matter where you live on earth. Do you follow what I'm saying?

But he says, “I'm sending four carpenters, four master builders, four engravers, four plowers who will plow something. He says, “I'm sending them and they’re going to fray them, and they’re going to cast out, and scatter them. What does fray mean? To terrify, to tremble, to quake. These four carpenters are going to cause fear in those four horns: communism, radical Islam, Hinduism, and terrorism.

Was there not a prophetic word over the state of Iowa, that we would touch Iraq, and that Babylon would be touched through Iowa? A prophetic word about that but also that they would be cast out, to throw down. But it also means to praise and give thanks.

It tells you the action of the casting down and how it’s going to occur. Now with all that, that's the introduction.

O k! ---We've got this introduced!

Four horns, four carpenters. –Kim Clement released this word this week, and here’s what it says, “My kingdom is about to appear, yes, it’s about to appear, as it appeared to Daniel, Joseph, Isaiah, and Enoch. He talks about four appearings of a kingdom coming, and he says, Four great anointings are coming into the earth.

This is what Sisie talked about on Wednesday night, when we concluded. She talked about that these are parts of the kingdom, and we studied it out. We discussed these four kingdoms and what happened in these four kingdoms.

I thought that is pretty good, and everybody ought to know this stuff. We’re going to talk about it a little bit tonight, and kind of spin it, ok? Then he goes on and he says, ‘ God says, you have every Babylonian nation staring once again, but they are not staring at Democrats or Republicans, they are staring for the spirit of Daniel! They are afraid that a David might arise. They are afraid that someone might come forth from the prison.

Like Joseph, and arise. They are looking for the signs of Davids emerging, and are looking for the signs of Isaiahs and of Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego emerging. And once again Babylon will be invaded by the power of the living God.

Now, that’s pretty intense. The reason I've pulled this section out of all this, is the fact that he talks about these four anointings twice. Now I have enough sense to know that if God is talking about something twice, you had better pay attention. With that, here’s what the Lord started speaking to me. So we should all know the story of Joseph and Daniel. We probably won’t know the story of Enoch, cause there are only 5 verses, but there is actually a whole book of Enoch- of Enoch and the Watchers, and all of these other books that you can read about Enoch, and we should all know this. Right?

Here's what the Lord spoke to me.

There are four dynamics of the kingdom that are about to be released, and those four dynamics are coming to this state. God is about to release four apostolic voices in this state. These four voices are going to align with heaven. It is the alignment with the four beasts around the throne coming to the earth.

There is the alignment of what is already in heaven coming down to the earth. There is an alignment of anointing, and visitation in the throne room that is coming through these four anointings. These four men’s lives are the identity that is coming into the church. These four lives are the identity of the next generation that will capture this. This anointing is coming to release, to release a kingdom. Anointing is a divine enablement of God to release the kingdom of God.

There is an enablement of God that came into Mary's life to confront the fact that she conceived by the Holy Spirit and had a visitation with her identity.

God is about to visit the anointing of these four types of kingdoms that are coming to bring an identity into The Church that is lacking right now in this hour, because all four of these are a confrontational identity.

These four men even thought Isaiah is a prophet. We concluded three were apostolic and one was prophetic, but I believe even Isaiah was apostolic in nature, because he established some foundations that were lacking. So, there’s a four-fold apostolic anointing coming into The Church in this next year.

That is what we are about to participate in. God is about to bring in that anointing so we will identify with it and release the kingdom through it. The alignment of the four beasts around the throne with the multifaceted eyes, they have an assignment around the throne, and this anointing that’s coming into the earth has an assignment in the earth.

These four anointings are builder anointings. The Lord spoke to me, that Jeremiah 1:10 is concluding at the end of this year, that there will not be any more tearing down, there will be a building up now. He’s loosing a four-fold anointing to do it- to build and establish and bring reformation, transformation and every kind of ‘ation’ there is. It is coming to the earth. It is coming finally. I told you this is a conference type thing. (God will give me something else for the conference—it will be fine). So, this identification: Here's what the names mean:

Joseph means = God has added.

Daniel means = judged of God.

Isaiah means -salvation of Jehovah, -which we’re going to see.

Enoch means = dedicated. –That is the identity that God is trying to bring into The Church.

God has added. Not man. Not a Saul structure, but a Davidical structure. God has added. Daniel, the judge of God, we’re going to see the justice of God finally start to unleash this year. What was the year of jubilee that we talked about in Leviticus 25? It talks about jubilee.

What is the year of jubilee about? Seeing justice come for those that are impoverished. It was about justice.

Isaiah = salvation of Jehovah.

We understand that we are carriers of salvation, of reformation to release deliverance. And Enoch dedicated. It will take a greater dedication than The Church has seen.

Passion and intimacy will go to a new level next year. It will come to a higher realization that it is a necessity to survive what we are about to do. In that music CD that Josh is mixing to record that song that they have done, Josh told me that these four names were spoken. We spoke these four names out in advance of this. All four of these people started their entire ministry at 17-18 years old. They were all young. They were all called out at a young age to do something that was radical for the kingdom to shift something. It’s amazing, isn't it? They all carried an anointing, and here’s a reality, when you recognize the anointing on your life, you will settle your identity.

The anointing is coming this year to settle the identity of the church once and for all, and His people, so that confidence and boldness will come, and we will accomplish the birthing forth of the kingdom, finally.

We have only been forerunning that which is about to be. It’s intense, isn't it?

Let’s talk about each of these four.

Enoch - saw the kingdom as it is. There are 5-7 scriptures about Enoch.

Heb.11: 5 - Gen. 5:22-Jude 1:14.

What do we know about Enoch? That he pleased God. He’s in the hallmark of faith. He was a person of great faith. Enoch was the first that was to die, but did not die-after Adam. Yes, isn’t that interesting?

Enoch is about living in the eternity of God, and not experiencing death. Enoch is about being the friend of God. This is where you are going with your identity next year. You’re going to be the friend of God in the way you've never been. You’re going to learn to live in the eternity of God, and not fear death or fear the things that come. Enoch had visitations from God.

In the book of Enoch, here’s what he actually says, he says, “the Lord opened his eyes to see who he was in heaven”. That’s how he got his identity. There was an opening of his spiritual eyes to see his identity that he had never seen. But he also saw it in Jude 1:14, somebody coming with 10,000 that destroyed Babylon. The very warning of Zechariah. Is that not something? So, here's what Enoch is also about, seeing the kingdom as it is. Here’s the anointing that was on his life, the anointing that is coming to The Church. An anointing to enter the revelatory realm. Because Enoch went up and down, up and down, up and down with God, and God spoke to him and said to confront these things on the earth, and he had watcher angels that he was in charge of, and all kinds of stuff. You’ve got to read the book of Enoch.

Enoch is about the translation of humanity. He was translated from a regular man to a heavenly basis with God. Amazing, isn’t it?

What was he building? Because he was a carpenter before. He was building a relationship with God. Here’s what else it’s about. It’s about living in miracles that supersede time and space. Living in a spirit realm that supersedes the natural. That’s where he lived. Where he moved. God spoke to him. What did God say?

It's kind of wild! Back in Genesis “and he was no more.”

What does that mean? God took him, because God was like, you know, ‘you’re spending so much time up here, you just need to hang around. No sense your going back home (to earth). You’ve been going back, going back and going back, and they won’t listen, so guess what we’re going to do? We’re going to flood the earth. That’s why it happened, they wouldn't listen to Enoch. He says,

I’m going to take care of this, and we’re going to start something new, and I'm going to get rid of all those watchers and all that stuff going on. So, you see Enoch was anointed to go to the revelatory realm. It’s about the translation of humanity. It’s about building a relationship with God. It is about the kingdom as it is.

Joseph - ‘the kingdom in the now.’

Joseph was a dreamer, Gen. 37; his dreams got him into trouble. His brothers forsook him. His family forsook him. We are in a generation that is experiencing this dream in their heart, forsaken by all.

He was sold into slavery. Put in prison. Not able to come out, but there was somewhere that he got his identity. Somewhere he connected and found out who he was, and he got out of where he was. That's what's coming next year. There is a multitude coming out of the prison where they have been, because they are about to get an identity from God, and I'll tell you where the identity is, it’s sitting ‘inside of them, right now!

Psalm 105:16, says this, “more over he called for a famine upon the land: he broke the whole staff of bread.”

Who called for the famine? God did. I think we’re in famine, somewhat in this land, and I think it’s God’s hand to get us on our knees. “He sent a man before them, even Joseph, who was sold for a servant:”

Vs. 18-19 “Whose feet they hurt with fetters; he was laid in iron: Until the time that his word came.” The word of the Lord tried him.” The word was sitting inside Joseph. Sitting inside a lot of our young people is a dream and a word. It's sitting inside of them, but God has to try you, if you’re going to believe it or not.

But, boy! If you’re going to believe it, guess what’s going to happen? You’re going to come out of your prison house, and you’re going to really go and do something, because here’s what he was anointed to do. He is in the lineage of Issachar. There is an anointing coming into the church to know the time and season of the land. I’ll tell you what the anointing is for. It is about the transformation of a nation. Enoch was about the translation of humanity to third heaven. This is about the transformation of a nation, and what is he building? A refuge. (Katy) we’ve been talking about Antioch, ‘I keep seeing it as a refuge.’

He was building a refuge for an entire nation. You see inside of him was the promise of his destiny and his purpose and his identity, all wrapped into one. Everybody was telling him, it’s like this, and it’s like this, and it’s like this, but the wisdom of God was birthed, as he worked out the process. We're going to see the wisdom of God come out of a generation that will supersede anything that we could ever imagine. It’s coming forth! Talk about Isaiah. Isaiah saw the Kingdom in the beginning. Isaiah 22 He saw Jesus. He saw the government upon his shoulders. He saw a man that was deformed and beaten. The beginning of the Kingdom on the earth. He saw it! You know what he was anointed to do? He was anointed to declare that Kingdom! No matter who opposed, he declared.

There was an anointing in his life to voice and be a spokesman and a trumpet in the earth. You know what it is about? The reformation of mindset and belief. You see, it’s progressive. God is about to reform us in what we believe. There’s an anointing coming to reform. Think about it! Because the Lord spoke, four apostles in this state with this anointing are coming. This thing is coming into this state. There is a fourfold anointing that’s coming. It will be. The Lord spoke to me earlier, it will be the fullness of the gospel, it will be the fullness. It will not be lacking in any part. It will take a dimension of one of the gospels. This fourfold anointing will lead into each gospel. It will be the fullness of what we’ve been looking for. Isaiah 6:1. He got his identity and his assignment all at the same time. This thing is going to accelerate, and that has been the word of the Lord by the prophets in the last two weeks. That acceleration is coming into the body for 2007, not only are you going to get identity, you’re going to get assignment, you’re going to get purpose, you’re going to get under-standing. You’re going to get the whole thing, all at once. It’s intense, isn't it? Intense for me up here too! It’s coming, this is all coming, I'm telling you!

His identity came as he saw the throne. He identified with what he had to build on earth. This brought him to Jesus, the master builder, to get the pattern for the earth.

In Isaiah 2, we had the whole conference on it, and what did He say we have to do? Establish the

mountain, to build the house. What was he building? What Isaiah was building, what is coming, this anointing is coming, is to finally establish to build God's house. We forerunnered it this year. We are catching bits of these things.

Daniel, last one, Daniel. Here’s Daniel; he sees the kingdom in the future. God says, seal the book, Daniel, for a generation. The word seal doesn't mean you can’t have access, it means that some people just can’t look in, like the devil. What it means, well it doesn't mean, you’ll never know. It means that there are some people that won’t be able to look at it. You see, when Jesus took the book and opened it and broke the seal, he was able to peer in and look at it. This is the book that we will look in and peer and see what Daniel saw right now, and these four things coming into the church. And he saw the horns, where Mike started out tonight in intercession. In Daniel 7, he says, I see four horns, but I see a horn rising up. We’d better go back and read that, hadn't we?

He saw the Kingdom in the future. He was a judge who defended the fatherless and the widows. He interpreted dreams. He was known for wisdom and leadership, and character and integrity. You know what he was anointed for? He was anointed as a spokesman for God's interpretation. Not man’s. Not denominations. Not organizations, but God's interpretation and what He was about. It was about transitioning a nation. Transforming, transitioning, moving, shifting, and what was he building? I’ll tell you what he was building! A reverence for God. There was a Godly reverence that came out of his life and ministry, and the anointing he carried. These four anointings are coming to The Church next year to release four dynamics of the kingdom. Better grab it! This is a conference message, isn't it? I couldn't save it till then, I would explode!

Daniel got his identification in Daniel 1:8. –Daniel purposed in his heart, that he would not defile himself with the portion of the king’s meat or wine, which the king drank. Therefore, he requested of the prince of the eunuchs that he might not defile himself. It’s where we started in Philippians 3:18-19. Here’s where he got his identity. His identity was already in his heart. And by making a decision, 'I will separate myself from the world', he gained his identity. He realized there was an anointing on his life, of separation, and he walked it out, because he knew that was his identity.

That separation is coming into this next year into The Church and the generation that’s coming up,

They will have an ability to separate their selves from worldly things, and live a life that many would desire to have. They will be able to live a life so that others will see a difference- that there is God to follow. It’s coming into your life, young people, and you better grab it! Every identity will be proven. Identity is who and what you have aligned your affections with. Now here’s the deal! God only promotes proven identity! The promotion of The Kingdom is the promotion. In all of these men’s lives, The Kingdom was promotion.

The seed was birthed to see a king come, just like Mary. Just like, from the last week. If you were not here, you’d better get that CD.

Four men in the fiery furnace. They always think of Shadrach, Meshach, Abednego, but Jesus was in there as well. There are four men. There were four builders inside to build a nation, and they're in the fire, and the Son of God descended, that is coming to The Church this next year. We’ve preached it even a few month’s ago. Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, and even Brother Sam prophesied down in Texas. That is coming into the church, God is about to try with fire our identity. But if we will hold fast to what we know to be true, He will be in the midst of the accomplishments. I don’t know how to end, but I'm going to end with this. Kim Clement said this, and I'm going to repeat it. God says, you have every Babylonian nation staring once again, not at democrats, republicans, they are staring for the spirit of Daniel. They are afraid that David's going to arise. They are afraid that some one might come forth from the prison like Joseph, and arise. Do you know what this is talking about?

You have to arise! You can’t just sit around and think this is going to come on you. This is what’s coming, but God's expecting you to rise up and take hold of it.

They were looking for the signs of a David emerging. Looking for the signs of Isaiahs and Davids and Daniels and Enochs and friends of God. I mean, boy, I tell you what! Somebody, who’s a friend of God, puts fear in the enemy. We’re all the friends of God, but God's going to take things deeper into our lives.

Four anointings are coming to release four dynamics of The Kingdom, and they are coming into this state. I saw them tonight in intercession descending. I was so excited about what God was speaking to me. I almost called Al in Cedar Rapids and to say 'man, we’ve got to talk right now, cause there is an anointing to talk about this strategy'. It was sitting here in the midst and Mike came over and I said, we’ve got to press a little longer, cause there’s a strategy that is getting loosed right now! We’ve got to move. There is kingdom dynamics happening. There are some things God is wanting to release into our midst, and I'm sitting here tonight, 'God, why am I releasing this to us now? I think it’s so we can explain it to those that come. Seriously, this is the word of the Lord. This is for the next year, where the church is going. There are some other things coming too, but this is part of a huge part of this. Here we sit tonight, we’ve gathered. You see, this isn’t just to hear some little message thing. I don’t do that. I don’t do Christmas. I’ll do some presents! But I don’t do the Christmas theme. Read your Bible. Watch the stories on TV. Watch the Christmas type. I want to know what God wants to do. There are too many souls at stake for us to play with this. People are depending on us to get our self together. We can’t wait for them to get together. They’re waiting on us. We’ve got the wrong identity. Maybe tonight, you came, and your like, I need an identity, God. I can't lay hands on you and give you an identity tonight. But what you can do is make a commitment before God and these witnesses that you’re after a new identity. You see? Then we know, and God knows, that you’ve made a commitment to chase after this thing.

So, tonight, I'm going to end with this, if that is you, and you say, ‘I want a new identity. I want you to stand up. I don’t want you to stand because others are standing. This is serious! This is very serious! You stand, because God is convicting you and you know that you need that identity to become who you need to be. He’s coming.

Father, tonight, I ask that you, Holy Spirit see everything that is going on in this room. Every word that has been spoken I ask, God, that you look into the hearts of all of us sitting here, that you would try us. Try the word that is in us, like you did Joseph. God, that you would try us to see that we have integrity like Enoch, and God, that you would see that we would reverence you and live a Godly life, like Daniel. Father, take us into the place where we could be spokesmen like Isaiah and declare the word of the Lord, and even as we’re being martyred and sawed in half like a log. Prophesy to those doing it, the word of the Lord for the nation. We’ve got to have an eternal perspective on things, oh God! Our identity has to be eternal. Not temporal, and not earthly. God, I ask for release of identity of your people tonight, as we engage into this next year, we come into it God, I believe on January first, that night and the New Year begins, that you are going to release an identity and an assignment upon every person. You are bringing us into a new place. Father tonight, deal with our hearts in the days to come that we will be prepared to receive this. We determine tonight, even as we get up out of our chair, that we will arise and come after this.

Father, I thank you for every person that came here tonight, may they carry your anointing back into their churches as leaven and leaven this region oh, God! For reformation and change and awakening to come. God, I thank you for what you are doing in the youth in this city, right now, that there is something stirring and moving and changing in them. God, let it increase, let them know their identity even more. Father, I just thank you for everything that you have done in our midst. Work in our lives, Holy Spirit this week. Show us our assignment tomorrow of what we are to do and where we are to go.

Let there be seriousness in this hour. Father, I thank you for everything that you’re doing in this region. I thank you for the 5 men whose hearts are saying yes. We will run together. We will form alliance. We will see this state change. We will pour our heart into it. God, your forming, your bringing forth something of The Kingdom out of people who have found their identity. Father, I thank you for these things tonight. I thank you for the strategies and plans that were released and are coming into the earth to bear fruit, to bear down upon us even now.

Father, we thank you for every thing you’ve done in our lives, in our ministry this week. God, I pray for churches throughout this region that there be a fresh anointing in this season, God. God, that pastors would find their identity and God, as they do that, The Kingdom would be released through them. Father, I just thank you for these things tonight, and I bless you, in Jesus name! Amen!