Mike Lauer April 29th 2006 "Three Distinct Signs"

Three distinct signs like Moses had distinct signs will come into this region.. One sign will be a crown which will be one type of authority. It will be the government of God arising. 12 distinct acts that shall come upon the church. 12 distinct parts of authority will come and it will bring the fullness of the government of God into this region. The second sign will a coming of an enlightening and endowment coming upon the church. It will be the taking on of the treasure of Gods heart. It will be a clothing of true intercession. The place of wearing righteousness. The third sign that is coming is the church rising up in this region to a very high place. A higher place than it has been. Things that have taken life shall be removed as authority comes forth. Authority shall set upon the church in such a way she can not be touched when the serpent tries to back slap. The very first sign will be the key because a crown shall be put upon the head of the church, says the Lord. That crown will have 12 stars and the government of god upon it. The 12 stars will be the setting in place. 12 distinct things coming from this region. It will be 12 distinct people. 12 great leaders from this region. They will meet together and the government of God is going to come over this region. They will be key people to break things open, says the Lord. The garment will come forth and the other things we have desired to enter into. This region is Iowa, Kansas, Oklahoma, this Midwest region of the USA. These three signs will be three generations. The older generation will have the authority sitting on its head. Government will come from these generation. The young generation arising will be the ones to see the signs and wonders. The youngest generation will stand above the things of this world as they stand in the greatest authority.